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Ric Bucher talked to Yao – here’s the latest

Friday, December 17th, 2010
by John

ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher, who co-wrote Yao’s book and obviously knows Yao personally talked to #11 Thursday night. Check out the video below. Here’s a link to the article where Yao jokingly said, “I haven’t died. Right now I’m drinking a beer and eating fried chicken. What were you expecting, a funeral?”

Bucher reports that the Rockets front office “will examine all options” and that they were “devastated” when they heard the news today about Yao’s injury. You can bet they are working some long hours to figure out what they will do with Yao this season and beyond, and perhaps try to find some help at the center position.

Here’s the video update from Bucher (excuse the commercial at the beginning). From what we gather and remember Yao saying over the summer, the most viable option at this early stage is that Yao would probably choose to have the fracture heal over time rather than have surgery again.

Grant Hill video on coming back from his ankle injury (same as Yao’s)

Thursday, December 16th, 2010
by John

As you may know, the stress fracture that Yao Ming was diagnosed having earlier today is the same kind of injury that Grant Hill had to overcome. Many thought it was impossible given the type of injury Hill suffered and the amount of work required to overcome it. Although Yao’s situation may be more complicated, Hill’s injury was considered severe in its own right. After all, he plays more like a gazelle whereas Yao doesn’t need to run as much, or as fast. But Yao is 300+ pounds, and Hill isn’t. Regardless, here’s a short video of what Hill went through:

Either way, I hope Yao and Hill have a chance to talk over the coming days and weeks so Yao may get some inspiration from Hill’s trials and tribulations in coming back from this type of ankle injury. But if Yao decides to retire, you can’t hold it against him. But I’m not mentally prepared for that, nor are alot of people who think Yao still has too much game left in him.

Audio interview with orthopedic surgeon on Yao’s stress fracture in ankle

Thursday, December 16th, 2010
by John

Since we don’t have any details yet from Yao’s doctors, here’s the next best thing: an interview that Houston Sportsradio 610 had with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kenneth First (not affiliated with Yao or the Rockets). It’s interesting that this injury is very similar to Grant Hill’s ankle injury from several years ago.

Breaking news: Yao has a stress fracture in his left ankle. Out indefinitely.

Thursday, December 16th, 2010
by John

So sad, I can’t even put it into words. Here are more details as well as a short Rockets press release.

Having gotten to know him over the years, I feel so bad for Yao. He doesn’t deserve this. His career may be over.

Part 2 of Yao recovery video

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
by John

Here’s part 2 of the video that FoxSports Houston produced that aired last month. Although it chronicles Yao’s recovery this past year from the foot surgery he had in 2009, I bet many of the same rehab techniques shown in this video are the same as what he is doing to recover from his bone bruise. Here’s part 1 of the video.

Yao will not play tonight against the Pistons. He had targeted this game as his return, but this is what he said Monday:

“Every day is closer. It’s just not strong enough to support me running, jumping. I think they (the medical staff) made the decision based on that.”

At least we know that Yao won’t try to suit up like Tracy McGrady did last season when he was trying to force the Rockets to let him play when they said he wasn’t ready. Remember that? McGrady returns to the scene of his crimes tonight with the Pistons.

It’s not known if Yao will be able to practice on Wednesday. I’m okay with that. Take it slow, big guy.

Yao works out on the court against Jordan Hill

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
by John

Raymond has posted some photos in the forum of a workout that Yao Ming had with Jordan Hill today at Toyota Center, the first time Yao has returned to the court for some real action since hurting his ankle last month. From reports of the workout, it sounds like Yao’s ankle is doing very well considering the intensity of the workout.

Yao will stay in Houston while the Rockets are on their 2-game road trip, with Yao’s goal to get back on the court next Tuesday night at Toyota Center against Detroit.

December 2nd, 2010 - Yao Ming and Jordan Hill go one-on-one in practice at Toyota Center
Yao works out against Jordan Thursday at Toyota Center as Rick Adelman and other Rockets’ conditioning staff look on. Click here for more photos from Yao’s workout.

Forget the Dallas loss; here’s some uplifting Yao video

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
by John

As you may have noticed, I’m not too enthused to blog about the Rockets’ loss to the Mavericks last night. Same story, different verse: the Mavericks went on a run the Rockets couldn’t stop, but unlike most other games, it was downhill from there, getting blown out to go 5-12 for the season.

So rather than write more about the game like I usually do, I thought I’d post some video from a piece that FSN Houston aired earlier this month about the work Yao did over the past year to come back from his reconstructive foot surgery. I’ve got to think he’ll be doing some of the same work in rehabbing after the bone bruise in his ankle heals. I’ll post part 2 in the next day or so:

The Yao haters have egg on their face…again

Thursday, November 11th, 2010
by John

Ever since Yao suffered his undetermined injury last night in Washington, there were predictably a bunch of idiots today who filled the radio airwaves and posted comments on Web sites and blogs saying that, “Yao is done,” or “Yao’s a bust,” or “They should get rid of him,” etc.

It amazes how many losers there are out there who just have to pop-off and spew sewage when they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. It was announced today that all Yao had was a sprained ankle, and he’ll only be out about a week. The sprain had nothing to do with his recent foot surgery. But you can bet these haters are now hoping Yao will get hurt again, and more seriously, so they can say, “You see, I told you so. Yao’s done.” Pathetic.

All I have to say to these imbeciles is shut up and go hate on some other teams’ players rather than one of the hardest working, loyal Rockets you could ever hope for a team to have. LeBron is still a good target for you.

Yao to play 24 minutes per game max

Thursday, September 16th, 2010
by John

Interesting article from the Houston Chronicle that confirms the Rockets will limit Yao’s minutes to 24 minutes of playing time each game. That means if he only plays 20 minutes one game, like in the case of an early blowout, he won’t be allowed to play 28 minutes the next game.

They will also limit him from scrimmaging in practice the day after a game. He’ll practice, like shooting drills, but won’t be running up and down the court. He also won’t play much, if at all, in back-to-back games.

This philosophy could change as the Rockets and Yao’s surgeon evaluate his progress through the season, but I don’t anticipate much of a change until the playoffs, as they acknowledge in the article.

I like the approach the Rockets are taking, and Yao is on board with it. We’re entering somewhat unchartered waters with a 7’6″ center entering a season after having major foot surgery like what Yao had, so discretion is the better part of valor.

And the Rockets are so deep, they can afford to give Yao and several of their veterans more rest this season to reduce wear-and-tear. And I always liked the idea of saving your veterans for the playoff grind.

Videos from Yao’s workout today

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
by John

Here are two videos that have been posted on the Web this afternoon after Yao’s workout at Toyota Center against Chuck Hayes and James Cripe (NBA D-Leaguer). It looked pretty intense, which we all like to see.

Yesterday, Dr. Tom Clanton — who operated on Yao’s foot last year — revealed that the hairline fracture in Yao’s surgically repaired foot has fully healed.

“Yesterday when I heard the news I feel that, not just me, the entire medical staff including Rockets staff, their efforts in last year all paid off,” said Yao. “I’m just looking forward to playing a great season in 2010-2011 and I think I can count on my foot now.”

And here’s an interview with Rockets GM Daryl Morey after Yao’s workout: