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Refs rob Rockets in Game 2

Monday, April 21st, 2008
by John

I’m too frustrated to write much about Game 2 between the Rockets and Jazz Monday night. Bad ref calls were pervasive throughout the entire game, the worst being Kirilinko flopping 45 seconds remaining and the ref buying it right before Bobby Jackson hits a 3-pointer to tie the game, which didn’t end up counting. I’m reeeaaallly getting tired of the terrible officiating in this league.

After the game, I’m glad Adelman ripped into the refs for making that call in that part of the game. I have alot of respect for him calling the idiot refs out. Click here for the video from Adelman’s press conference. McGrady had similar thoughts at the end of his press conference, too (click for video).

Add in 10 more missed free throws and missed buckets around the rim (Chuck Hayes blew 2 more layups). Despite 3 great quarters, McGrady settling for jumpers in the fourth quarter…again. Luther Head doing nothing….again. The Rockets defense getting picked apart and not being able to stop the Jazz…just like last year. And hardly any playing time for Carl Landry (0 minutes in the second half) or Steve Novak (0 minutes overall).

So that’s it. I’m done for tonight. Just try to think how the man below who sat on the bench Monday night will help them this time next year (Click here and here for more photos from Monday night).

In the meantime, try to have a good laugh (if that’s possible) from the videos I posted below from last Thursday’s roast of Yao.

Homecourt advantage evaporates after Game 1 loss to Jazz

Sunday, April 20th, 2008
by John

Yao Ming watches pre-game festivities of Game 1 of the Jazz-Rockets series on the Toyota Center big screen Saturday night in Houston. To see another photo of Yao in street clothes at the game, click here (updated with more photos 11:45am Central time).

With two starters out of their lineup (Yao and Rafer Alston), the Rockets were going to need an almost perfect game and at least 1 or 2 guys off the bench to step up and win Game 1 vs. the Jazz in Houston.

None of that happened as Utah bolted away late in the third and early in the fourth quarter to easily beat Houston 93-82.

There were several reasons why the Rockets lost this game, and no one can blame Tracy McGrady for all of it:

• The Rockets were killed on the offensive boards in the first half which put them in a big double-digit deficit. The Jazz had 7 offensive boards in the first quarter and 11 by halftime. It was like all that rebounding help the Rockets got after last season (Luis Scola, Carl Landry) didn’t make a bit of difference.

• Many missed shots around the rim against a scrapping Jazz defense down deep in the paint. Rick Adelman lamented after the game, “We didn’t finish all night long.”

• Too many missed free throws. 18-of-29 for 62% is NOT going to get it done.

• Alston’s replacement, Bobby Jackson, struggled mightily from the floor (3-of-15 shooting, including easy ones missed around the basket).

• Just not enough offense. They had only 67 points midway through the fourth quarter. That and their 36.7% shooting is not going to cut it. Neither will 6-of-22 shooting from 3-point territory.

• As Adelman and McGrady said after the game, after McGrady would pass out of a double-team, the guys who got the ball didn’t attack the Jazz defense like their game plan had dictated.

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