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Yao carries the load with 28, but it’s not enough in loss to Mavs

December 16th, 2007
by John

As many of you know, I wasn’t able to watch the Rockets-Mavericks game on Saturday night, but Raymond posted some photos of the game in the forum, like this one:

Click here and here if you’re interested in seeing more photos from the game.

As I anticipated, I didn’t miss much since the Rockets lost again, this time 96-83. Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle writes in this story how bad it was, except for Yao Ming‘s 28 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

Meanwhile, Tracy McGrady made only 5-of-18 shots for 12 points, while Steve Francis (who started in place of the injured Rafer Alston) was 1-of-8 for three points.

This is really pathetic. From what I’m guessing, rookie Aaron Brooks will be getting some important playing time soon, especially since the Rockets called him up from the D-League.

So I’m glad I didn’t see the game. However, I did record it, and I will try to watch it remotely using my computer and give my supplemental thoughts about the debacle sometime late Sunday, time permitting. Or I may be so disgusted by what I see, I may turn it off and say, “screw it, I’ve seen enough.”

11 Responses to “Yao carries the load with 28, but it’s not enough in loss to Mavs”

  1. Wilson Says:


  2. Luckyme Says:

    As you said, Yao did pretty well and that’s about it. On the otherhand, Yi played a monster game for the Bucks and scored a season-high 22 – at least this was more comforting than watching the Roxs losing another one.

  3. Jim Says:

    Can’t stand watching IDLE-man’s Rocket. I know Les want to wait till the end of Dec. to get rid of him. It’s already too late for this season. Bring any one even JVG is a blessing now. There is no team effort at all. It’s a shame to destruct Rocket this way. I’ll keep an eye on the Game score but not watching any game untill IDLE-man gone for good.

  4. Stanley Says:

    Tracy should be traded. He is nothing but a wimp.

  5. Rob Says:

    If you don’t want to depress yourself, just watch the first half, John. Rox actually played pretty decently until halftime. :-/

    Rob, Funny you say that. I am at the LAX airport watching the first half on my Slingbox using a t-mobile “one day” Internet pass. However, I might not be able to watch all of the game or blog about it since my flight will be taking off in a couple of hours. Right now, as I’m watching the recording, Yao is looking great, but McGrady was 1-for-7 in the first quarter, and they are having a hard time stopping the Mavs. — John

  6. arthur ko Says:

    i say get rid of tracy while he still has some trade value left. it pisses me off that he is still at the top of the all star race. To me, he is just like his cousin Vince Carter- who is a sorry washed up offensive player. anyone related to those two will never get far in the playoffs

    At the very least, Yao had a wonderful game. To me, if Yao can just stay atop the charts right now in terms of his performance, then im satisfied.

  7. Luckyme Says:

    If Yao is reading this – and I hope he does sometimes — don’t feel so bad about the performance of your teammates, there is only so much you could do. You should try to give your best efforts in every game – and that includes shooting the ball at every chance you can get. Don’t worry about others who might call you selfish. You shoot to win for the team – this is better than being labeled ” no heart” like some other players.

  8. jeff Says:

    Stop blaming Tracy. You guys do not know
    how to identify the problem. If you work under a lousy boss, you know how frustrating it is. On the other hand, you cannot get out of it. So, what can you do? Tracy is a rare talent. The Rockets are lucky to have him. It was Tracy and Yao who carried the team to a 50+ season last year. The root of the problem is the head coach and nothing else.

    I think the players now need some counselling from psychologists to address the frustation. Spare the players, please.

  9. monster Says:

    I say it’s about time to settle down and not experiment any more. After 20 games and all the practices you know your players and what they can do. I say the starting five should be Alston, T-Mac, Battier, Scola, and Yao. Playing time should be earned and should vary depending on match ups from now and on out. I think JVG half court defense plus what ever RA can put in on the offensive end should be in place for the rest of the season.

    I am very disappointed at Francis. I hope he is still got a lot more than he showed. I was counting on him earning the starting PG before season started.

    Now about the game against Dallas I am not surprised at the L. I just don’t think we have an assistant coach who can help RA with JVG defense that the current roster knows. On the offensive end RA is indecisive on what to do. I say do what you know best. Solve the fronting defense on Yao and make it a little easier for T-Mac to score should take care of the offense. Dallas team is nothing to be concerned with. We know any team with good perimeter shooting can cause the Rockets a lot of trouble. Nothing new there. I will live with the results as long as they try a little harder on their D.

  10. kaolin Says:

    It’s interesting that what monster said about an assistant coach with Van Gundy defense. When the Rick Adelman deal was announced, the first thing that came to my mind was that it would be great for the transition if they could keep Tom Thibodeau, once rumored as a possible head coach. Now he is with Boston and I doubt he would consider coming back 😉

  11. Ben, NY Says:

    I think the real problem is the point guard. Steve F is not the same player anymore, let’s be real. Rafer is much better and quicker. If they bring Aaron B into the lineup, it should be better. I think the players try to play hard, but just no results. Need a change a point guard and play some hard D then I believe all would be better.

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