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Rockets sign Jeremy Lin

December 12th, 2011
by John

With all the drama that went on with Rockets Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and Goran Dragic over the past few days with the proposed Lakers-Hornets-Rockets trade being rescinded by NBA commissioner David Stern, there was some refreshing and happy news when the Rockets surprisingly signed Chinese/Taiwanese-American Jeremy Lin.

For Rocket fans who are Asian-American sad that Yao isn’t representin’ any longer, having Lin around gives them something extra to look forward to.

December 11th, 2011 - Jeremy Lin signs with the Rockets during training camp
Photo courtesy Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle

Lin was released from the Golden State Warriors on the first day of training camp. Apparently the Warriors are trying to save as much money as they can so they can have a better chance of landing a high-priced free agent. Lin’s contract pays him $800,000 this year.

More details about Lin’s release is here.

Since the Rockets are in a similar position of trying to sign a big free agent, you wouldn’t have expected them to add a 4th point guard (behind Kyle Lowry, Johnny Flynn, Goran Dragic). But you can probably expect Dragic will be traded one of these days (to our chagrin) since he was part of that rescinded trade with the Hornets, so maybe Lin could stick around as the Rockets’ third PG. Or the Rockets will be getting rid of Lin quickly like they do with other players where you think they will be around awhile, only trading them within a season or two for other “pieces” (Dragic, Trevor Ariza, Kevin Martin, etc.)

Here’s a link to a short article in the Houston Chronicle about Lin’s signing.

Here’s a video of Lin meeting Yao Ming in Taiwan (around the 1:10 mark) during Yao’s charity basketball tour in the summer of 2010 (and throwing down a dunk at the 8:10 mark), and photos of his meeting are here.

Update: Here’s a video brought to our attention from a commenter below of Lin being interviewed as a Golden State Warrior, along with his coach and fellow players.

5 Responses to “Rockets sign Jeremy Lin”

  1. Ninjastarr503 Says:

    That should at least state “Chinese/Taiwanese American”. Jeremy Lin has already stated himself that he is proud to be Chinese. John, I'm guessing you don't really know what's posted in your own forums.

    He even said he would consider playing for the Chinese National team. 

  2. Staff Says:

    We have gone ahead and modified it to “Chinese/Taiwanese-American.” And like most moderators, I don't have time to read everything posted in the forums. There is just too much stuff posted there. It would be a full-time job to read everything and understand every nuance. Thanks for the videos, though. I have updated the blog post with the first one.

  3. JC Says:

    Lin's contract for year 2 was picked up by Houston. However, if he is cut before playing any regular season games, only a portion of that contract, if any, will be paid by the Rockets. Probably some percentage, the rest to be paid by GSW.
    So the Rockets have nothing to lose by bringing him into camp.
    Who are they, Jonny Flynn, Goran Dragic, Courtney Lee, Kyle Lowery, Kevin Martin and the big G-F Chase Budinger.
    That is six guards already, that is all they are going to keep. So unless we see movement soon and I means soon because training camp is abbreviated, they might not keep Lin.
    Or they screw Lin and keep the contract, NBDL again. I am not trying to be negative here, only that among all the Asian Americans celebrating, who is paying attention to reality??
    Now in Lin's favor is Kevin McHale, who should give starting nod to Goran or Jonny Flynn if he can keep it under control at PG. Then Daryl Morey who does the numbers, hopefully he and others in the Rockets Finance and Marketing should not that Lin is THE KEY TO THEIR CONTINUED CONTRACT WITH CHINA BROADCASTING Rockets games. Lin would not only maintains the sales of his jersey in China but those of the Rockets and Rockets memorabilia and the jerseys of other players in China.
    BUT THERE ARE SIX MULTI YEAR NO CUT CONTRACTS AHEAD OF LIN. So someone has got to be moved so that Lin can stay. NOW LIN REBOUNDS well enough and defensively can guard small forwards. But he has no post game and is not a spot up shooter. He is a player that needs the ball to shoot in rhythm. Big problems which he should resolve by the end of a 2nd or 3rd year so that he can have a long career in the NBA.
    If you can't post or spot shoot with a quick release, you can't really ever play the 2 guard. Notice at Harvard, when was the 2, … well I let me cut the negative points short. I hope he makes it and has a long prosperous career in the NBA. Then we will all see more guards who are Asian American or Asian Canadian, guards from Korea, China, Taiwan and Philippines in the NBA.

  4. SEO WOOK KIM Says:

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  5. SEO WOOK KIM Says:

    Chinese american is enough. people who use CHinese/taiwanese/american are trying to promote sepratism and destabilisation or China

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