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Yao featured in “Linsanity” movie that opens this Friday, Oct. 4th, in several cities

October 1st, 2013
by John

In case you didn’t know, Jeremy Lin’s movie “Linsanity” opens this Friday, October 4th, in select cities, including Houston (of course). We understand that Yao is prominently featured in the film and makes the most poignant statement in the film (near the end) that is very emotional.

Jeremy was covered by the filmmaker before Linsanity ever took the world by storm, dating back to his days at Palo Alto High School, then Harvard, then on to Golden State and New York. So it’s not like this is just a film with highlights and news coverage. You get to see what it was like when not many people knew who he was. Here’s a review of the film from ESPN’s Truehoop blog.

Here’s a link to the official movie site. You can see a few cities where it will be playing on this page, which include Chicago, L.A., New York, San Diego, San Francisco, DC, Seattle, Boston, Honolulu, Philadelphia, and even in Taiwan.

Here’s a link to the official Facebook page. And here’s a link to the promotional video on Youtube, or you can watch the embedded version below:

If you’re in Houston, here are the theaters where it will be playing:

1) Sundance Cinema at 510 Texas Ave – [link: click on “Buy Tickets” link on the left]

2) AMC Studio 30 at 2949 Dunvale Ave – [link to Oct. 4th tickets]

Make sure to go see the movie within a week of the Friday, October 4th release date since it’s only a one-week run at both theaters. There is a chance it could be extended another week, but go see it the first week just in case.