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Two insightful articles about Lin (growing up, and how the Rockets got him)

July 26th, 2012
by John

In case you missed it, a couple of articles about Jeremy Lin from the past few days has been published that I really wanted to bring to your attention.

This one from the Houston Chronicle is similar to many that we have read about Lin’s upbringing, but has much more information than has been revealed before. For example…

– When he was in the 8th grade, he told his pastor that he would play in the NBA someday.

– Details about Lin’s high school in Palo Alto, CA.

– His brother Joseph, who plays at a Division III school in New York, is a better shooter than Jeremy.

– His parents put academics first.

– As a child, he made his Sunday school teachers cry since he was such a handful.

– He was a little cocky and stubborn as a ninth grader, with his shooting coach saying that Lin was “practically uncoachable.”

– While in high school, he broke his ankle in a YMCA pickup game, which became a turning point “because it humbled me and made me realize that I couldn’t take anything in life for granted.”

– His father is 5-6, and neither of his brothers is 6-0. Lin grew to 6-3 in college and now weighs 212 pounds.

– When he is back in Palo Alto, he sleeps in the same bedroom at his parents’ home. He recently turned one of the spare bedrooms in his parents’ house into a “man cave,” and even went to Ikea and assembled the furniture himself.

– Much, much more!

The other article from the Chronicle goes into detail how the Rockets went after signing Lin.

– The Rockets decided early that they were going to pursue signing Lin, even with Kyle Lowry on the roster. It turned out to be a smart move. General Manager Daryl Morey states the following:

“We planned the free-agent targets we were going to go after at that meeting. He was high on the list. We thought that strategically moving (Kyle) Lowry might be the right choice because we thought we could get the most for him. We thought turning him into a lottery pick would be the right thing. We did anticipate we might lose Goran (Dragic) because we knew he was going to be pursued by multiple teams and if it was a deal we were not comfortable with, we knew we’d have to walk away. We were going after Jeremy no matter what.”

– They wanted to sign Lin after the 2010 Las Vegas Summer League, but the Golden State Warriors outbid them.

– After Lowry was traded to Toronto (since the Raptors weren’t able to acquire Steve Nash), it was Rockets’ owner Leslie Alexander‘s idea to get more aggressive in increasing the offer to Lin and his agents. Morey didn’t think they would be open to more money since it would make it more difficult for the Knicks to match it, and was surprised when they accepted.

– Morey thought the Knicks would match the Rockets’ offer up until the very last minute when the Knicks let Lin know they would not be matching it.

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