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Yao is happy Jeremy is a Rocket

July 20th, 2012
by John

The Houston Chronicle’s beat writer Jonathan Feigen posted an article this morning with quotes from Yao about Jeremy Lin becoming a Rocket. Here are some quotes:

He stayed out of the Rockets efforts to bring Jeremy Lin back to Houston, but as they pursued the player they hope will become their future star, their former star wanted Lin in Houston, too. By Friday, a year to the day after Yao officially announced his retirement, he was happy a friend had joined his team.

“I heard the Rockets gave Jeremy an offer few days ago,” Yao said via email while traveling to London for the Olympics. “I just wished the Big Apple would not match that. Fortunately the Knicks didn’t.

“I consider Jeremy Lin a very good puzzle (piece) for the reconstruction of the Rockets. He is an excellent team player, and at the critical time he will not be soft, which has been proven in the past. But most important is his experience, just like the Rockets, always underestimated by others. It is this kind of environment created his invincible personality.”

“I believe the Rockets made a good decision,” Yao said. “I wish the team good luck on the new season.”

All of this excitement over Lin joining the Rockets reminds me so much of 10 years ago when the mania over Yao Ming started.

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  1. AllForRockets Says:

    The best successor of Yao's legacy in Houston!

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