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Big Yao to come out with big photo book (35 lbs!)

May 10th, 2012
by John

You may be familiar with those exclusive, big coffee table books that feature celebrities like Michael Jackson, etc., teams like Manchester United and the Ferrari Formula One team, and sports like Major League Baseball.

Yesterday it was announced there will be a similar book about Yao, called Yao Ming Opus, published by Opus Media Group UK, the publishers that have produced the aforementioned books, and Time Media Publishing and Media, a Chinese company based in Anhui province.

May 9th, 2012 - What the Yao Ming Opus book will look like when it's published

According to China Daily, the book will boast a large range of photos taken during Yao’s teenage years, his professional career and life after basketball, with both English and Chinese text.

The photos were provided by Yao or purchased from news agencies, and also include new pictures taken by the photographers of the two companies. The text will be completed by a team of five writers. The book is expected to weigh 16 kg (35 pounds), and is scheduled to be published next year.

Opus’ CEO, Karl Fowler, said, “We could not think of a more sincere, unique and exciting story to tell, using great photographs and great writing to reveal his story not just in China, but internationally.”

Yao said that when he first saw an Opus publication he thought it was like a comic book. But as he turned the pages he realized the book was something people should take seriously.

“Although we live in a digital age, a photo can capture and keep every precious moment forever and will not fade as time goes by,” he said.

Yao also stated, “I spent many hours looking through my Manchester United Opus and what I found fascinating was the way in which photography presented in this way illustrated the history so well. I am so very humbled that Opus and Time are looking to share my own special moments and thoughts in a similar unique manner.”

On Wednesday in Shanghai, Yao signed a signature page that will be placed in copy number one of Yao Ming Opus. Opus will auction that copy next year and donate the proceeds to the Yao Foundation.

May 9th, 2012 - Yao Ming signs the first cover of Yao Ming Opus

May 9th, 2012 - Yao Ming poses with the cover of the first Yao Ming Opus book to be published later

For more photos from the signing ceremony and more news about the project, click here.

Fans can register here their interest in Yao Ming Opus.

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