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Part 2 – video of Beijing charity game

August 14th, 2010
by John

There was so much great footage from the Yao Foundation Charity tour stop in Beijing in late July, I had to split it up in two parts. Here is part 2 of that video. You can check out part 1 here.

Throughout most of the game coverage in this new video, I was amazed at how much Western and U.S. music was played at the game (and everywhere we went). U.S. music was probably played 99% of the time. The days of preventing U.S. popular music from coming into China are long gone.

One of my favorite scenes from this whole video was when a group of boys came out at halftime and performed. The players weren’t worried at all about going into the locker room and preparing for the second half; they were comfortable knowing they were going to win (which they did). Once they saw these boys start to do their thing and impress the crowd, the players sat down along the sidelines to watch it themselves, and even flipped out their cameras to take photos and video record them! This was the essence of what I saw on this trip: these guys trying to get as much out of the culture as the fans were of wanting to see them play basketball at a high level, all while helping Yao’s foundation.

At the end of the game, it got a little crazy when a lot of fans were somehow able to get on the floor near the bench, and as crazy as they are for the NBA, it got a little scary. But security ultimately got things under control, and you’ll see them do something that would be considered very un-macho in the West: hold hands to form a barrier. Amazing how much of a culture difference there is, and how they don’t get hung up on trying to look “cool” among other men. They have a job to do, and they’ll do what they need to do to maintain order.

When you think of the Chinese army, assuming that’s what these guys are since they looked like official uniforms, you think of a very disciplined set that wouldn’t get fazed by NBA players being around them. But there is one scene you’ll see that struck me: some army guys standing back as some of the players were coming through, taking photos of them on their cellphones. What a contrast!

Before that scene, you’ll see Yao Ming in the locker room addressing the NBA players who came over to China to play in his charity game. It was pretty cool to be there as he thanked them, and to have them applaud him back for putting it all together. It’s a rare kind of scene that shows how much of a leader Yao Ming really is, and how respected he is by other NBA players.

At the end of the clip, you’ll see Steve Nash come back to the hotel to a bunch of fans waiting for him — and mainly him. Apparently the last time he came to China for the Yao-Nash charity games left quite an impression on the Chinese.

Nash could have easily blown them off and headed into the hotel, but he isn’t that kind of guy. You’ll see these fans have no hesitation in doing what they need to do to get Nash to sign some of their gear — it’s much more intense than what you’d see in the U.S. But you’ll also see the security guards (in white shirts) are not hesitant to push and shove to maintain order. It’s also interesting how the fans who are pushed don’t get upset about it. If that were to happen in the U.S., a brawl could break out or a lawsuit would be filed. I guess people are used to being shoved around by security in China.

Once they get within earshot of Nash, some of the fans express vociferously how much they “believe” in him and how much they like him. You wouldn’t see that strong of an expression from American guys the same age.

I thought these scenes were worth putting in the clip to show just how different the interaction is between fans and security. What do you think? Do you think American people get a little too uptight when shoved by security guards, and we could learn something from the Chinese?

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  1. tay riley Says:

    can't wait for the season to start. i miss our rockets so much. steve nash, too.

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