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Exclusive: Yao workout video

May 15th, 2010
by John

I had the chance to record some of Yao’s workout at Toyota Center a few days ago (see below). Anyone who is curious to see how he’s doing must watch this.

The first part of the video he works out with the Rockets’ Director of Strength and Conditioning, Darryl Eto. Then he works out with his personal trainer Anthony Falsone.

One silver lining to Yao being out over the past year is that he has been able to work on improving the mobility of all parts of his body that most NBA players don’t have time to do during the busy season and post-season, mainly because they are nursing nagging injuries.

As you’ll see, there’s no boot on his foot, and he doesn’t need crutches any more. He’s even doing leg squats, putting more weight on the foot he had surgically repaired last year. And I love the part of the video where he starts out with 70 lb. dumbbells, and works his way up to 90 lbs…in each hand.

It’s clear Yao is on his way back to being the beast he is.

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