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Recent posts on Yao’s Facebook and Twitter page

April 24th, 2010
by John

Over the past couple of days, Yao has made a couple of posts on his Facebook and Twitter page.

Today he posted this on both:

Congrats to Aaron Brooks for winning the Most Improved Player Award. You deserved it. Thanks for your effort this season.

And yesterday he posted this on his Facebook page:

Juan Antonio Samaranch, who used to be the head of the IOC, died a couple of days ago. I’m sad that he passed, and that I didn’t get to know him personally. He was very famous in China and a good friend of our country. He supported us getting back into the Olympics. He was also the one who announced the 2008 Olympics would be held in Beijing.

What he did for us means way more than sports and the Olympics. His life is about friendship. Friendship is a very simple word, but how to do it is very very difficult, and he did it his entire life

Here’s a link to an article about Samaranch’s influence in China that Yao references. Personally, I’m glad Yao mentioned Samaranch’s impact on China since I didn’t realize how important he had been to China’s Olympic movement efforts.


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