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Carl Landry’s thoughts about playing without Yao, and mine

May 9th, 2009
by John

Last night I asked Carl Landry in the locker room what the Rockets would have to do different if they weren’t able to play with Yao. At the time I thought the chances were slim they’d have to worry about that. Now it’s a reality.

I messed up by asking him what they would have to do in “Game 3” when I meant “Game 4.” Here’s what he said.

“Be aggressive. In the second quarter we were without Yao. [We are] role players. We play well. That’s something we have to get used to. That’s something we are used to playing without Yao. He’s been hurt this year. Hurt last year. And we’ll just run our sets and run our stuff and move the ball and get good shots.”

If you want to hear the audio as well as other comments he made, click the player below:

I predict the Rockets will surprise lots of people and really put up a great fight. Landry will become even more aggressive, similar to what we saw during the 22-game winning streak last season, Luis Scola will become more of a scoring machine again, the Rockets will spread the floor and Aaron Brooks will have more open lanes to get to the basket like he did in Game 1, Kyle Lowry and Von Wafer will do the same, Brian Cook will get some playing time (and hopefully haunt his former team), Shane Battier will become more aggressive offensively, and Brent Barry will even see some action and hit some shots.

Essentially, the Lakers will think they’re going to win now that Yao is out and take Houston lightly, meanwhile the Rockets will come out like an animal backed into a corner, and the Rockets could win a game or two…and hopefully three!

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