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A frustrating night in Utah, and my home

March 5th, 2009
by John

Sorry that I don’t have much posted here, but I am so pissed at Comcast and the NBA for making my watching of the Rockets-Jazz game so painful for me. After enduring hassle after hassle, I have no time to write anything.

I had set my DVR to record the game because I was knew I was going to be getting home after the game ended. So when I started watching the recording, stupid Comcast must have moved the game to another channel because I had nothing but 2 ½ hours of blank screen recorded. And yes, I set the recording perfectly. They just moved the game to another channel, which was a first all season for me.

As a backup plan, I figured I would watch the game online on NBA League Pass Broadband. It usually works okay, but skipping past commercials is a pain and would require the full 2 1/2 hours for me to watch it.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the streaming sucked so bad tonight, the replay got ‘stuck’ dozens of times to where the final 4 minutes, the most critical part of the game, took over an hour to watch. Now it’s very late, and I have to stop because I have to wake up in a handful of hours for work

It wasn’t a good night for me, nor for the Rockets, who lost to Utah 101-94. I’m upset at the idiots who provided a terrible product tonight independent of each other: Comcast and the NBA.

Maybe tomorrow after I’ve cooled off and have had a little rest, I’ll comment about what went wrong tonight in Utah, and some of the encouraging signs I saw in the game.

Update: Raymond sent me this YouTube video of Yao being interviewed after the game about the unfair officiating that screwed the Rockets. You go Yao! Maybe the league will finally listen once the NBA’s classiest player calls out the refs for incompetence. YouTube tends to take stuff like this down fairly quick, so if it doesn’t play, you’ll know why. But you can read the transcript in Jonathan Feigen’s post-game story in the Chronicle.

13 Responses to “A frustrating night in Utah, and my home”

  1. KZ Says:

    The referees made two bad calls in the final minutes of the game. One call was given to Battier, the other was to Yao. Both of those calls should've been on Utah.

  2. airchina23 Says:

    I'm not gonna comment on the rest of the game. I'm used to seeing the unfair treatments from the refs to Yao. But I saw things I liked too. It's just one game. We'll get them back.

    And did you like what Kyle Lowry brought?

  3. airchina23 Says:

    And I like Yao's comments. I twittered this to jeskeets and Shaq.

  4. NYCBOBBY Says:

    John John I feel your frustrations. If I was you I'd just get a good sleep and post later on. But anyways back to the game. Yes I was frustrated as well with the game. As always with losses. We had a chance. I was definately optimistic about the fact that we came back down from a huge deficit. I think from years past we wouldve just folded. It just shows how deep and energetic our team is now. Another plus from this game is that Yao is finally developing the patience that a good post player should develope. Wait and see the double and triple teams, then patiently find the open man. He's doing that now. It's just too bad his foul situation and his rebounding is still haunting him and causing the Rockets games. He needs to stop being a chronic ref complainer and start acting like an All Star. That's what he has become and chronic whiner like Rasheed Wallace, like a Mutumbo or even a Sam Cassell. Players like that get no respect. He needs to learn from the likes of Duncan and and Shaq. Just look dead at the refs eyes when he is called for an absurd call and show them he's unhappy with the call. Then during a break walk up to the ref and let him know. If Yao keeps acting like a whining child, he is never going to get the All Star treatment. Whine like an All Star!! My other irritating point is Yao's rebounding. HE NEEDS TO GET A HOLD OF THE REBOUNDS! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS HANDS?!? Every game he loses ATLEAST 5-10 of those rebounds. If only he gets 5 of them back last night, the Rockets win the game. YES, they would win the game. This guy can become a legit 20-15 guy easy every night if he fixes that problem! John, I'm pretty sure you know some hookups. Can you get your guys to get Yao to fix these problems. PLEASE!!!

  5. Adrian Says:

    Yao ming is so fuckin cool dude

  6. NYCBOBBY Says:

    Adrian, stop falling into the media Hype, cause that's all it is a hype. Yao is good not great. He got a lot of flaws. I love him but he needs a spanking. Oh and tell him to stop leaning everytime he gets hit like he's about to fall. He needs to learn how to act tough on the court. The refs are all about image.

  7. YaoMingMania Says:

    I agree with you on the problem with Yao's hands. His reflexes seem to be the problem, but like I mentioned in a comment yesterday, they can do some drills to improve that like he did a couple of seasons ago when he couldn't run because of his foot surgeries.

    About him whining, I would have to completely disagree. He's one of the classiest guys in the league, and continuing to be a 'good guy' isn't working. He has simply had enough, and I don't blame him for speaking out.

  8. airchina23 Says:

    To Yao's credit, he's gotten a lot better with his reflexes and his hands.

    Usually when Yao tries to fight with the ball below his waist or on the ground, it's a turnover for sure. But last night and lately, I've seen Yao handle some steals, loose balls, unexpected passes. So I guess he's still improving in that category, but what can u expect from a guy his size.

    For the whining part, I kind of agree with the previous poster though. Yes, he should speak up and complain. And he did the right thing by speaking out after the game here. He really should do what Shaq does. If it results in techs, suspension, or fines, so what? I really don't mind seeing Yao being a little bit more of a jerk (like when he refused to acknowlege Bargnani's help). He's been classy for the past 7 years, it's time to change.

  9. NYCBOBBY Says:

    You guys don't get my drift. He SHOULD complain, but there are ways to do it. There's a Mutombo way and there's a Duncan way. You tell me who the refs are gonna respect? Obviously Yao's moaning every call like Mutombo. Rightfully so but the leagues all about image. He needs to complain the All Star way. Stare angrily at the refs, walk up to them the NEXT play and talk to them like you are a celebrity and try to get into their heads and demand stardom. Not whine like Sam Cassell and think every call is a bad call. He is bringing himself down from a Leonardo Dicraprio to a Kramer from Seindfeld. From a Mercedes to a Corolla and on and on…But I tell you what. At the end of the day, the refs utlimately calls it as they see you perform. If you perform at an All Star level, you will be called like a celebrity. Just like if Kobe is in a game vs Deron Williams, Kobe will get the nod from the refs. So Yao, step up your game! Grab those rebounds and act like an All Star! =)

  10. grapplerke Says:

    Mutombo = 0 championships
    Shaq = 4 championships
    Duncan = 4 championships

    Hmm, so much for Mutombo's way.

  11. Vince Says:

    Homeboy talks like he's played 10 years in the NBA, probably hasn't even stepped on a NBA court.

  12. NYCBOBBY Says:

    My brother Vince. No I have never stepped onto a nba court, or even a ncaa court but I have played ball n still do. I not only follow the sport since I can remember, but I also studied psychology. Studying human behavior is what I adore. From what I understand, basketball is not just a physical sport. So from my studies I conclude that you're an idiot.

  13. NYCBOBBY Says:

    My brother Vince. No I have never stepped onto a nba court, or even a ncaa court but I have played ball n still do. I not only follow the sport since I can remember, but I also studied psychology. Studying human behavior is what I adore. From what I understand, basketball is not just a physical sport. So from my studies I conclude that you're an idiot.

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