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McGrady’s surgery is today

February 24th, 2009
by John

The Chronicle has a good recap of a press conference held yesterday with Rockets’ team physician Dr. Tom Clanton, who will observe the microfracture surgery that’s being done on Tracy McGrady‘s left knee today.

One thing that Clanton said in the press conference that was interesting was the following: “I think that I let him return to play a little too quickly. Perhaps if we had strengthened his knee more at the start, maybe he wouldn’t have had these symptoms.”

Does this change your mind about how all of the controversy played out with McGrady’s knee? Personally, I think McGrady still holds a big part of the blame because 1) he didn’t strengthen his knee enough during the off-season (he’s never been known to be a tireless worker like Yao Ming is), and 2) he said multiple times his knee felt good, until the end when it was convenient for him to find something to blame like his knee.

Also, the way he didn’t tell the team about his decision to have the surgery before announcing it publicly was a nightmare.