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Should Yao be excused from Chinese int’l play after Beijing?

August 13th, 2008
by John

Although it’s a couple of days old, what do you guys think about this article? Adam Wajnarowski of Yahoo! Sports says after these Olympics are over, Yao should be allowed to NOT have to play for China until the 2012 Olympics to avoid wear-and-tear on his body, and to help him reach his full potential.

No matter which side you’re on, you have to admit it’s a pretty good article.

5 Responses to “Should Yao be excused from Chinese int’l play after Beijing?”

  1. AirChina23 Says:

    I’m all for that. Yao should be only required to play for World Championships and the Olympics. Not even sure that he’s needed for the Asian championships.

  2. Wilson Says:

    This should be Yao’s last Olimpics and let him rest and prepare for the Houston Rockets ONLY!!!

  3. DWC Says:

    I thought this article was rather silly. Ultimately the decision to play for China AND the Rockets is up to Yao. This article makes it seem as if playin for the rockets should be above playin for China. During the whole time Yao has been in the NBA he has made it clear that playin for CNT and in the Olympics is a great honor.

    None of us want Yao to play so much as clearly its worn him down physically. But to say CNT should give Yao a break would be the same thing as saying the Rockets should give Yao half the season off until the all star break. If anything, the NBA season playin 4 games in 5 nights and flyin every two days is way more taxing on the body.

    I’m not saying Yao should quit the rockets and play for CNT, as of course the rockets are my favorite team now. Just that these articles that come out every season about Yao quittin CNT or taking time off of CNT only look at it from one side and not the other. People within the US generally think that their league or their country should be most important. These same people probably criticize NBA players who turn down TEAM USA when invited.

  4. Wendy Says:

    Yao has earned the right to pick only the important tournaments. I say, only WC and olympics – if he wants to.

    Dirk, who have played for germany every summer until now, also realized the tax on his body because of the lack of regeneration time in summer, and plans to sit the next summer (and Euro Championship) out.

  5. jeff Says:

    All Chinese people are familiar with the true historic story of a famous general about a thousand years ago. He is Ngok Fei (Cantonese procounciation) of the Sung Dynasty.

    He was one of the best generals ever produced in Chinese history. At the same time, he was extremely loyal to the Emperor and his government. He never doubted the orders from the government, whether they were good or bad, ill-intended or not.

    One day, the Prime Minister ordered him back to the capital from the war field. People around him told him it was a pot. He himself knew that it was a plot. But he was too obedient. He obeyed the order, well knowing that it was a plot, and returned to the captital where he was put to death by the Prime Minister with a fabrication.

    Yao’ s case is a modern version of the Ngok Fei story.

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