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Rockets-Jazz Game 5 relegated to 2nd-tier status

April 28th, 2008
by John

Don’t know if you saw it, but tonight the league announced the schedule for Tuesday night’s games. And guess what — the Rockets game against the Jazz will NOT be on ESPN or TNT. It’s going to be on NBA TV! I get the NBA TV channel, but something tells me there are a lot of folks out there who don’t get that channel and also don’t live in Houston where they can watch the local broadcast. So they may be out of luck.

I’d be curious to see if any of you out there are not going to be able to see it at home, or if NBA TV is part of your basic cable package.

And get this: the game will go head-to-head against Game 5 of the Phoenix-San Antonio series on TNT that also starts at 8:30pm Central like the Utah-Houston game. To me, that’s a slap in the face to fans in both Houston and Utah. Both series are at 3-1, so how did they go about choosing what game would go on each network? You would have thought they would have just spread out the games over different days so that basketball fans wouldn’t have to make such a difficult choice.

It only gets worse. Before the 8:30pm games, there will be two other games that will both start at 6:00pm Central: Dallas-New Orleans (TNT) and Philadelphia-Detroit (NBA TV). I think Philly and Detroit fans are getting screwed even more because their series is more compelling to watch (2-2) while the Mavericks-Hornets series is 3-1.

This may just be a way for the NBA to get more people to watch their channel. Just like that fiasco between the NFL Network last season having a big game between Green Bay (I believe) and Dallas that was only going to show on ITS network, leaving fans of both teams who didn’t even have the choice to subscribe to the network out in the cold.

Click here if you want to see the schedule the way Yahoo presents it.

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  1. arthurko Says:

    hey john, i dont have nba tv and i dont know anyone who does besides you. I guess we wont be able to watch it, which is a shame because these potential elimination games are very thrilling and turn out to be interesting a lot of the times.
    as for the networks, i think its tnt and espn themselves that get to choose which games to play right? i was always under the assumption that those networks choose the games they want to display ahead of time when looking at a schedule. that’s why in the regular season, you might get a lot of boring games since certain teams turn out to be busts (bulls, heat) and certain ones turn out to be very surprisingly good (blazers, hornets). I’m assuming it’s the same in the playoffs? where the networks choose the game they believe will bring most viewers to their channel.

    If it’s the networks or the NBA, or both, it’s sad that a choice has to be made to put any game on NBA TV. I don’t remember that ever happening in last year’s playoffs. Because of that, something is fishy about this. — John

  2. James from LA Says:


    This has nothing to do with this topic but I just have to say it:

    I am tired of the Rockets continual disappointment. I have NOT found it joyful to watch many of the Rocket games this season. Highlight of the season was the 22nd straight win over the Lakers.

    They are like a lotto ticket that hits the first 4 out of 6 numbers. You see those numbers come out and you think… “oh my god! This is awesome…I’m gonna win!” You get your hopes up only to see that the last two numbers don’t match. The Rockets are nothing but a losing lotto ticket.

    I agree with John. Time to put this Rocket team to sleep.

    I have always liked watching T-Mac play, but these days he is a overrated, whiny, non-clutch, loser. YES…he is a loser on the court. Time for him to take his droopy face and go sleep on another team’s payroll. IF he stays, please move him to the 3rd option scoring wise. He is like Lamar Odom, endless talent but does not like the spotlight. Would rather pass the ball in the 4th quarter and be more of a role player. I would feel comfortable if TMAC became the third option and played as a role player… maybe even off the bench. Some people might not like to hear that, but I think T Mac would not mind. Just the kind of mind set he has. More of a Gazelle, than a Lion.

    Two players who I would love to see instead of T-Whack:

    Baron Davis – I’m from LA and I have followed his career since High School. He is a creative and a great playmaker. He wants out of Golden State too.

    Elton Brand – Yes. We all like Scola. But come on…if EB’s injury is healed…can you imagine a EB and YAO front court? I FREAKING hate the Lakers, but let’s face it…if Bynum gets better… Bynum and PAU will destroy the West for the next few years. AND god knows that is the last thing we all want.

    Here is the stat line from a player that we could have had… very young, early 20s’. Can you guess who it is????

    Year Team G Min M A Pct M A Pct M A Pct Off Def Tot Ast TO Stl Blk PF PPG

    2007-08 MEM 81 37:00 7.7 16.7 46.2 1.7 4.8 34.6 3.1 3.9 78.5 1.7 4.4 6.2 2.0 2.4 1.4 1.0 2.8 20.2

    Hmmm… as much as I love Shane (one of my favs on the team) I still believe we could have got him for less than a budding superstar in Gay.

    Let me know what you think John.


    Thanks, James. The Rockets are deep at PF (Scola, like you mentioned) but also with Landry, so I don’t think that would be a wise use of the Rockets’ money to have a gaping hole at shooting guard if the Rockets traded McGrady to the Clippers, although I think he would be a good fit there.

    I love Baron Davis, too. I didn’t know he wants out of Golden State. If you have a link to a story that says that, please post it here. I’d love to learn more. If the Rockets could get Davis, then I could see him playing the shooting guard spot alongside Rafer at the point because BD is such a scorer.

    Regarding Rudy Gay, he is turning into quite a player, but the Rockets tried to get over the hump last season in getting a more seasoned player in Battier (and a defensive stopper), so you have to give credit to the Rockets for trying — just like they will try this off-season. And Battier will continue to be an important player in the Rockets’ rotation for years to come. It’s not like he’s a Luther Head or something.

    I think there are some emerging players that the Rockets can still get in the off-season who may be just 1 season until they become superstars — kind of like Monta Ellis and Chris Paul were undervalued as rookies and are now complete studs. If the Rockets can find that one guy who doesn’t hurt them for one season while they’re chasing a championship in 2009, then becomes a force the following year, it would be worth making that trade. Maybe McGrady to the Clippers for their #1 draft pick and a couple of other players, then the Rockets picking D. Rose out of Memphis. — John

  3. Daniel Says:

    It’s a shame considering this has been the most intense playoff series in the NBA. I just think the NBA is tired of waiting on the Rockets to come around. Every year they start the season with high expectations then their stars get hurt and choke, they make stome stupid trade, and they wind up out in the 1st round. I say that because its a similar sentiment most Rockets fans are feeling right now.

  4. arthurko from LA Says:

    by the way, have you guys heard? 2 articles about unrelated things, but important to me as a china fan 1st, yao fan 2nd, and rockets fan 3rd:
    First Tmac with his peanut head brain, questioned his coach’s move not to put Dikembe in the game to get the dreadful rebound we lost to Okur. I mean we all disagree with Adleman’s move, but he doesnt need to come out on the media and say that -as he has a penchant for throwing fellow team mate’s under the bus previously (though perhaps unintended). He should just limit his words because he doesn’t think. Adleman defended his move by saying he wanted to keep his two most athletic players in for rebounding (tmac and landry) . I hope many of you are aware that this isnt the first time Tmac has said things about people on his team. I do think he has no ill intent behind it.
    2nd article is …… that Yao’s team china is in the same bracket as team USA for the 2008 olympics. Along with them is world champs Spain and Angola. Dreadful dreadful dreadful blow to China’s playoff hopes. That’s going to be a tough one, as team USA is looking to regain its olympic gold status this year with studs Kobe and Lebron.

  5. Jim from CA Says:

    As always I throughly enjoyed John’s analysis about Rocket’s games. Many thanks for your tireless contribution!

    As I am living in CA, I have to watch many Rocket games on line using SopCast and other P2P programs. The quality is not great but reasonable. Here is the link for life sports: http://www3.myp2p.eu/

    As for this play off serial, Rocket performed way better in Utah than last year. They had 1 win and 1 close games vs last year’s complete rout in Utah. As for the first 2 home games, Rocket was not well prepared and ill equipped without two major pieces.( Yao and Alston) Plus Scola and Landry need some Play off warm up. ( Was Landry not fully recovered and not playing in 2nd game?)

    As pre-injury Landry and Alston back, I have full confidence in this team to make some noise. They should win this serial in either situation. a) They play their A game (aka 22 straight win); b) Official is not completely bogus in game 6 in Utah. c) McGrady is really fired up. ( Hit 75% of his free throw or 45% shoting) It’s not imperative for McGrady to have 30 points night or 8 points forth Q. It’s all team chemistry and effort.( Like 22 straight win) Many games were decided by other Rocketers.

    Frankly I am not disappointed even they lose tomorrow. I am really thankful and be honored to witness the miraculous 22 consecutive winning. after all it happened only once in every 30 years. It was even incredible considering without Yao. This is the ultimate reward for us Rocket fan for this year.

    I am not an overly optimistic person. I will be forever thankful for this team for One Thing they tough me, Keep trying and miracle does happen once a while.

  6. Jason Says:

    Ok this officially sucks. Rocket and Magic games are the only games watch and they’re both on NBA TV. What is a 13 year old suppose to do? Rob a bank to get NBA TV??

    The only thing that I think may happen is that NBA TV could open up their channel for free during these games. You may want to check with your local cable provider. — John

  7. AirChina23 Says:

    Jason, follow the advice of “Jim from CA”.

    I’ve had my shares of watching the Rockets on p2p and online streaming over the years. I’m finally out of school last year and the first thing I bought was the LeaguePass (includes NBA TV) that would allow me to watch the Rockets’ every game from where I am (Indianapolis). For those of you who are not in the Houston area and want to watch them play, I think NBA LP is a sound investment, especially with a DVR.

    Anyway, I think it is a shame that the NBA and the networks have to put playoff games on NBA TV. What good is ESPN2 for if you are not gonna use it for NBA playoffs?

    Go Rockets, I hope they win tonight!

  8. Paul Says:

    I live in Houston and I have NBA TV, and when I try to watch it on that it says “This program is not available in your area.” And it is not on any other channels including local channels. So I don’t think there is anyway for people from Houston to even watch this game aside from actually going to the game. Makes me kind of angry ;(.

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