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Rockets trade Bonzi, Mike James to Hornets for Bobby Jackson

February 21st, 2008
by John

Late Wednesday night the Rockets traded Mike James and Bonzi Wells for Bobby Jackson. Here are the details from the Chronicle.

The Rockets may not be finished dealing until the trade deadline at 3:00pm Eastern on Thursday. But if Jackson stays as a Rocket, I’m actually surprised Houston would trade Bonzi for a 34-year old point guard who is definitely on his last legs. I would have preferred Sam Cassell, who is older, but can still hit the big shot in the clutch. Maybe BJ can, too.

Bonzi was a bargain to the Rockets at $2.284 million per year. Sure, he was likely going to opt-out of his contract after this season, but the Rockets could have certainly used him for this season’s playoff run. He was always a streaky shooter, but he seemed to bring an intangible to the Rockets when they were struggling offensively. Insert Bonzi into the lineup when they can’t make a shot, and he was able to right the ship more often than not.

I also think his rebounds and assists will be missed. The fact that he gave the Spurs fits in the playoffs a couple of years ago might also be missed in this year’s playoffs. And trading him to a division rival can come back to haunt the Rockets very soon.

As far as Mike James goes, I think he an still be an asset to New Orleans. He was outplayed early in the season to lose a chance at getting any minutes in Houston. He’ll get more playing time in New Orleans, and he could become a really good surprise for them. I don’t think his shooting slump in Houston was the beginning of the end of his career — I think it was just a slump from which he’ll break out once he gets some minutes.

I would say the Hornets’ chances of doing some damage in this season’s playoffs got a little better. Hopefully it won’t be against Houston.

15 Responses to “Rockets trade Bonzi, Mike James to Hornets for Bobby Jackson”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Crap! What a STUPID TRADE!!!

  2. micky Says:

    Joseph is correct STUPID TRADE

  3. Tom Says:

    While Mike James doesn’t mean anything to the Rockets, Bonzi Wells is really a force that we will miss. He has size, can post-up smaller guards. He has range, though inconsistent. He actually has performed quite well in recent games.

    On the other hand, I like Bobby Jackson. He’s quick and has range. Yes, he is old, but so do James and Wells. Let’s see.

  4. Ben, NY Says:

    i don’t like the trade either, bobby jackson is old, and not for bonzi. unless they have something else in mind.

  5. AirChina23 Says:

    I wish the Rockets had kept Bonzi. He’s tough to guard for both guards and forwards. Bobby Jackson is a good shooter but he is old. I’m waiting to see how this plays out. Hopefully the Rockets can prove to us that we have nothing to worry about.

  6. curtis Says:

    bad bad trade, not a good trade at all, maybe for finacial purposes, but you are giving a very good player who’s been loyal and hard working for the team, it is just not ethical to trade bonzi, maybe james alone for bobby, but not bonzi.

  7. Jim From Hollywood! Says:

    Ok…I have been following Bobby for a while now. Lets remember that Bobby played for Adelman back in Sac town when they were in thier prime. Can he still be a clutch player……Tough call. He can still play/and his training is really good, but im not sure if they wanted a guy who does not take it to the hole as often as he did. We may have gotten another pull up jumper ala t-mac…oh-boy…not good.

  8. ap Says:

    Bonzi is the only one who likes to go to the basket and finish. If t-mac plays with half of Bonzi’s brain rox will be much better team. And in the playoff, when you need a bucket, you want someone who can take it to the hole. (ie, LB, Dwade, Parker..)
    Bad Trade! Happy for Bonzi and mike at least they have a better chance personally.

  9. Jason Says:

    NOOOOOOO!!! This is stupid, why did they trade Wells. He’s been really helping the team.

  10. Esteban From CA Says:

    I heard Synder for Gerald Green too.

  11. RedRowdy Says:

    John, this trade gets Rockets under the luxury tax which allowed them to get Green!

    Also it saves up few million dollars, thats also what happened in Green trade, Green has contract worth 1.4 million, Snyder 2.1, throw in a pick, and we are all playing a game.

    Look just how much money it saves up, Rockets got rid of fat James contract and got at least something out of nothing, like he was going to average all the sudden 20 ppg.

    It should be interesting to see how does Gerald Green and Bobby Jackson fit in, Jackson has good technique, while Green is probably the most athletic player in Houston, ever!

    And Haluska, isn’t bad, scouts on university say he’s underrated, but he’s a longshot!

  12. D Says:

    This is areally bad trade. Why do want to trade for a 35 year-old guard who has been shooting under 40% in the past three year??? Mike James is already doing that, and you are also giving up Wells for this old guy. The GM should be fire for this.

    The Rockets need shooters around Yao, not guard shooting under 40%.

  13. richard Says:

    i’m not too sure of this trade since i don’t know jackson and green. But I started to like bonzi lately because of his guts in attacking the rim.

    i’m confused now…well, what’s done is done, let’s hope for the best for rox.

    go rocket! go rocket! let’s go deep deep into the playoffs this season. is gonna be a dog fight in the west..

  14. jeff Says:

    Houston is not trading for a better roster, but for financial reasons. It is now beyond doubt that this team does care about where it ends up in the league.

    Now, it is very easy for Yao and T-Mac to make decisions on their future. Their fans would not forgive them if they do not move on.

  15. arthurko from LA Says:

    im trying to understand this trade because from a skills standpoint, the rockets are losing out heavily. From a financial standpoint, I dont see it doing much either unless Bobby Jacksons contract will be expiring soon. This could be one of those trades that makes some salary cap room. But even Kirk Snyder for Gerald Green which has its limited financial potential is a bad trade in my opinion. Gerald Green is a slam dunk champion and thats it. He has no ability to understand defensive and offensive concepts (quoted by someone on the Timberwolves) and the fact that he would do a through the leg dunk in his socks after doing one in his shoes for his final dunk alone (referring to 08 slam dunk contest) shows his incapacity for intelligence. Thats what my girlfriend Tina feels also. Put 2 down for a bad trade~

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