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NY Times article: Beijing to Halve Traffic for Games

January 23rd, 2008
by John

Since the Beijing 2008 Olympics is only about 7 months away, I have decided I will post cool articles I see in regard to preparation for the Games. Here’s one from today’s New York Times. It requires a free membership to read the entire article.

If you see any other articles, feel free to email me at john@yaomingfanclub.com about it, and I’ll take a look and see if it should be posted on this page, and will give you props for letting me know about it. Or you can post it in a new discussion forum topic I have created to dedicated to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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  1. kho Says:

    I just wanted to say thanks again to John for doing this. The Olympics are coming up and I happen to be working on the Olympic Project in Beijing. We got 193 days before the August 8th(8 PM)=Opening Ceremony and I’m starting to get pretty excited!

    If I happen to find any interesting news regarding the Games(which I often do), I’ll be sure to send it to John.

    I’ve been an avid reader since I found the website several years back. Back then, John had all of Yao’s hit/missed shots in a handy chart and play by play action so whenever I missed a game(Rarely would I be able to watch a Houston Game back in Northern California), I would always check the site. I wanted to give props to John for all his hard work and dedication throughout the years.

    I think Yao’s presence in the league has really been great for Asians(and definitely for all of us Asian Americans as well!) Lastly, I’m glad yaomingmania has been a huge part of my experience and let’s wish the Rox a better second half of the season!

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m really flattered by it. Aahh, the shot charts and play-by-play…that takes me back. I wish I could have kept doing them, but they were so time consuming to create, I had to stop. But I think they served their purpose at the time, which was to let people who had never seen Yao play before be able to visualize what he was doing. Now with alot of games being broadcast overseas and all the national TV games he has played since his rookie year, fortunately alot of his fans now know what his shots look like. — John

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