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Rockets fail against Philly again

January 15th, 2008
by John

(This short post comes from a friend who has offered to help clean it up to make sense of my clouded thinking tonight): I have awoken from a long rest from surgery today to hear the Rockets blew another 4th quarter lead, this time to the 76ers on Tuesday.

Knowing many of you probably are angry enough to provide some scathing comments about the Rockets, I’ll rely on you guys to provide all the analysis if you wish by clicking on the comments link below. I’ll have a friend check periodically to approve them. Let ‘er rip!

19 Responses to “Rockets fail against Philly again”

  1. Will Says:

    The past two losses, both of which came by way of fourth quarter let-downs, should put to rest any and all who say the Rox don’t need T-mac. It’s during those times when the lead is slipping and when the final minutes lurk when a dynamic perimeter scorer like him is needed to split seams and get to the line, especially when Yao is being guarded like a cupcake at fat camp. Granted, Mcgrady doesn’t always have that killer instinct, but he’s the only one on the team that has the ability.

    All of that being said, once he gets back, the team is still lacking on athleticism and more interior toughness. I say get rid of MJames and/or Francis along with hayes for an athletic wing and a big….my $0.02

    get well john..

  2. Kevin Z. Says:


    I have been following your website since you posted the very first game analysis. Very much like your posts! Please recover sooner and bring us more though the Rocket basketball only brings us disappointment all the season.


  3. jeff Says:


    Since you have got your operation done, you better hurry up and go home, because Idleman is going to be the man in charge of your ward. He will crew up everything, I am sure.

  4. arthurko Says:

    whew, sorry i had to get that out of the way. i hope this gets approved still. i just cant believe the rockets would get outscored by so much in the 4th quarter. What’s the point if you’re going to play hard 3 quarters and be pathetic in the 4th?
    They were outscored 37 to 22 in the 4th quarter.
    Yao looked like he had a decent game with good shooting and 25 points but his rebounding really needs to pick up. I think that may be one of his greatest flaws.
    Rafer Alston had 6 TO’s to 4 assists but he did have 20 points. I don’t know if that is what we really want from him.
    Well, what can we say? I guess the Rockets are known for their 2nd half breakdowns but wow this one was so bad the headline of the article was
    “Sixers rock Houston again to snap 7 game skid”
    In the end, I’m just glad that without Tracy McGrady they have a winning percentage well above .500 at 7-4

  5. Vince Says:

    We need to earn back the name Clutch City, because right now especially after last nights game, we don’t look to clutch out there. T-Mac would of made a difference in this particular game with better ball handling in the last few minutes and allow defenders to swarm him allowing other teammates to have better looks.

  6. Jim From Hollywood CA! Says:

    I feel everybodys pain on this one guys, especially the way arthurko feels.
    I saw the whole game, it was in the bag! Adelman sat Yao way to long at the start of the 4th. I do have to blame adelman on this one.
    Well its on to Houston. The best we can now hope for on this 4 game home stand is a split of 2-2. Spurs??……well see.

    Get well John!

  7. Wilson Says:


  8. Esteban From CA Says:

    One word can describe this entire season: Inconsistent.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see them making any waves this year. Not sure what it is…Perhaps team chemistry. I would like see more guys like Yao and Battier who are more team first oriented. Who knows…but blowing that huge lead to Phi was disappointing.

    Hopefully T-Mac’s return gives them a spark. Not sure he is the savior, but rather a spark.

  9. Zoe Says:

    Dear John:

    Glad to hear you are doing very well. This is the most important.

  10. James Ma Says:

    Agreed with those who say (and have always said) that T-Mac is NOT expendable.

    Yao is a huge force in the paint, but if he’s the Rockets’ only franchise player than the team is fatally flawed. As steady as Yao is, he hasn’t proven to be a reliable go-to guy. I hope Yao proves me wrong, but it seems there will always be limits to what a 7’6″ athlete can do. Yao has already surpassed all other similarly tall players from the past in terms of skills, so he certainly has his advantages as a player. But at the same time he’ll always be slightly slower and less athletic than most NBA players. This makes him a bit risky as a go-to player at the end of tight games when defences will swarm him and the speed and pace picks up several notches.

    That’s why they need a player like T-Mac. He may not be LeBron, Kobe, or Dwyane, but he’s still among the better ones.

  11. Jadef Says:

    Tracy is a selfish player and a chucker. Just think about it, I know he is a good passer and he could have gotten 10+ assist like chris paul or jason kidd and help the team win. If he has like 10+ assist it will help YAO as it will make it easier for him to score and rebound as he will not have to battle three guys on him and fronting him. it’s annoying when you have little pest doing little things to bother you here and there.

    But Tracy is a selfish player that he doesn’t want to have high assit but rather higher shot attempts and points. charles donkey is a lier too, on a night where magic said that YAO and Tracy can’t co-exist and should split, Charles donkey said Tracy is not a good assist guy, and YAO not a good rebound guy so because of that ones gotta go because guys need to compliment each other. In a way he is defending Tracy saying tracy needs a lot of shot because he can’t assist.

  12. rocfan Says:

    The rockets will have no chance to make it or get past the 1st round of the playoff without McGrady. While Yao is an integral part of the team he is not the difference maker – tracy is…

    Yao is great, and I’ve enjoyed watching him develop over the years. But the last two seasons I think it is apparent that the Rockets can’t go to him in tight situation where the pace of the game has picked up. As skillful as he is, he doesn’t have the speed and ususally the strength by the end of the game to either make off-balanced shots or ‘bully’ his way to the basket.

    I think Yao needs to change his offense first mindset and develop his defensive game. We have others that can make up any loss of his offense output (that is why Scola should start in place of Hayes…).. his defensive presence at key critical points of the game I think is more important than the deliberate efforts to get him the ball for him to score when he is tired and struggling with faster players…look to develop others (SCOLA!!) to be that second scoring option to Tracy…

  13. benny Says:

    forget about Tmac………
    He dead already…
    he make houston rocket getting worst (with fake injury).
    TRADE HIM or never make a playoff.
    I hope rockets Fans gonna boooo… him (when he play)
    Please TMac get out from Houston city, go back to orlando (so u can play with Howard). but i dont thinks Magic want him. Orlando already take out a trash, never want to get a trash back.

  14. Vince Says:

    Jadef and benny… you guys are totally pulling information from your asses. You guys seriously should stop posting things that make you guys sound mentally challenged. Considering Tracy is only a G-F and not currently a pure PG, he still dishes the same amount of assists as Rafer. Jadef… FYI, Chris Paul and J.Kidd are starting PGs on their teams were it is their job to feed their players. McGrady is a scoring option who is unselfish and has a natural instinct of passing to open players when he is double teamed. “But Tracy is a selfish player that he doesn’t want to have high assit but rather higher shot attempts and points.”… don’t know what the hell Jadef is saying here when T-Mac had his career high in assists last year? So please with your glorified wisdom Jadef explain how Tracy “can’t assist”? And of course being the super-star of his team, what’s wrong with him taking the most shot attempts? as for our esteemed doctor benny…. “he make houston rocket getting worst (with fake injury).” apparently benny has examined T-mac himself and found his left knee tendinitis to be fake. And according benny’s knowledge here… T-Mac is worst to the Rockets WHEN playing because their 18-46 record WITHOUT McGrady is much better according to benny.

    PLEASE benny and Jadef… I would LOVE to here your responses.

  15. dea Says:

    I doubt Tracy can get Rocket pass the first round of the playoff, he hasn’t proven a thing to me and Rocket fan yet. Since we traded for him Rocket have accomplished nothing they haven’t before the trade. We made it to the playoff with Steve Francis in YAO’s first year and YAO’s number wasn’t even good then. And I believed Steve Francis has matured and you can say he is YAO’s loyal friend (that is why he takes less pay just to come to be with YAO and the Rockets).

    YAO for God sake is 7’6, he is not supposed to be fast but yet he is the FASTEST 7’6 ALIVE. And to top it off he did pretty good in Adelman system considering how BIG he is. But if you really want to see who is fast check out YI, the guys is a power forward that run and have the speed of a guard.

    If this season goes sour, I’ll blame it on Tracy since he said IT’S ON ME when rocket were in the playoff last year. YUP is on him. No doubt. It’s also on him when Orlando was the worst team in the league when he was there too. No doubt.

  16. Jadef Says:

    Jadef and benny… you guys are totally pulling information from your asses.–

    your mom pulled that information for me out of your ass.

    So please with your glorified wisdom Jadef explain how Tracy “can’t assist”?–



  17. Vince Says:

    Haha… so you believe a guy who said Yao Ming cannot score over 20pt? I believe you do know this since you call him donkey from when he kissed its ass after Yao did scored over 20pts. And I believe it was Magic Johnson who said on TNT that the two superstars were not working, not Charles Barkley. Nice immature comebacks you moron… way to use some factual information to support your pathetic claims. Next time you write a comeback try to use more than 2 sentences because it felt kind of empty to me, oh that’s right… your brain is probably empty.

  18. Apley Says:

    Having watched how well Divac passed the ball in Sacramento, I had hopes that Adelman could add the passing dimension to Yao’s game. Under Tomjonovich, Yao did have some good assists in his rookie year before ??? turned him into a fixture in the post. I haven’t really noticed any uptick in Yao’s passing or assist totals this year, but I?don’t have access to the games. Did you guys notice any differences in Yao’s positioning and use on offense? If Yao can pass more, the Rockets will have better ball circulation. The offense could be run through both T-Mac and Yao instead of either or, which may create more easy shots for the other three guys on the court.

  19. leny helena Says:

    We went to toyota center on jan 15 to watch Rockets, and celebrate our 8th anniversary. We spent as much more than 1500 bucks for 4 tickets for us, the floor seat.

    The view was awsome, but we brought along our children 7 years old boy and 2 years old girl. So, struggling with the popcorns and cotton candy, I didn’t really notice, how could they’re being catched up so easily in 4th.

    From the point where I sat, I can see clearly how L Head just stand in the corner, not even looked alert or anticipated if the ball passed to him. Somehow he looks like this is only a street games between neighbors…please.

    Yao is average that night, my husband is a big fan of him. I think they should put more Scola in the game, he’s very quick, and I’m not talking about speed, but the way he’s thinking how to steal, pass, and shoot.

    We thought that night could be magical. Something to celebrate with euphoric feeling, but we just went home feeling lost and brokenhearted, soaked wet running through the rain to the parking lot.

    and yeah they look terrible in that old jersey.

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