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Rockets have highlight reel game in blowout of Timberwolves

January 12th, 2008
by John
Yao Ming contests the shot of Minnesota's Corey Brewer in a game where Yao wasn't needed much.  Yao only played 28 minutes and scored 15 points in an easy 113-82 win.Yao Ming contests the shot of Minnesota’s Corey Brewer in a game where Yao wasn’t needed much. Yao only played 28 minutes and scored 15 points in an easy 113-82 win. Click here for more photos from the pre-game shooting practice.

Because of really bad shoulder pain, I am not able to type with both hands as normal. So I’m going to try something new and file an audio report about my thoughts on the Rockets’ impressive victory Friday night over Minnesota 113-82. Click on the player below for part 1:

In part 2 using the player below, I talk more about my shoulder situation and shoulder injuries in general (which is relevant because of Yao’s plan to have shoulder surgery after the Olympics), D-Wade‘s shoulder injury last season against the Rockets, and the upcoming New Orleans game on Sunday. Duration: about 4 minutes.

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  1. Rick_Hunter Says:

    Goodluck on the shoulder surgery John hope it all goes well and take your time. Thanks a lot for all the hard work you’ve put in writing these blogs over the past years, really appreciated and always great insight into Yao and the Rox.

    Take care and can’t wait till you get back to write about Rox’s 10+ game winning streak! (hopefully). Oh and the audio taping was great, very clear and a lot more information than in the past.

    rick, thanks for the good luck wishes. and thanks to everyone below this comment who says such nice things. i would normally thank every commenter individually but because i can only type with one hand, i’ll make this my ‘blanket’ thank you to all of you. btw: i’ll be doing one more report before the surgery, and that will be after tuesday’s game against new orleans. — john

  2. arthur ko Says:

    wow what a sexy voice! haha im playing around, but very good to hear your analysis of the game live. just as valuable as your summaries. You’re the man John!

    i couldn’t resist commenting on this one. thanks for the compliment. i’ve always been more comfortable writing and have been hesitant putting myself ‘out there’ like with an audio recording (and especially a video recording) since i consider myself somewhat shy. i guess it demonstrates further over the past 5 1/2 years that i never really wanted to do this site to bring attention to me, but instead to just tell the great stories about Yao as he progresses through his career.

  3. James Ma Says:


    Take care of that shoulder and I hope you recover soon.

    Loved your recorded commentary, but don’t give up the written summaries! I personally prefer that format — nothing to do with your voice at all, I just enjoy the written format.


  4. Sonnay Says:

    Hey John,
    Thanks you for the analysis you have written for all the games the Rockets have had this season. I have just gotten into them, and it is very interesting to see what you have to say about it. I hope the Rockets continue this nice run throughout the season.

    I wish you good luck for your shoulder pain. It must be tough, from the description you have given us. Nice audio report!

  5. James Bond Says:


    Wish you have a great surgery and recovery. Like the audio report report, wouldn’t mind if you use this type of documentation even after your shoulder surgery.

    Best of luck and enjoy your weekend


  6. Bob Says:

    John, good to see you are taking care of yourself. Wish you have a speedy recovery after the shoulder surgery!

  7. zach Says:

    John, you are amazing. I just want to say something general here. I have been a regular reader of this site. You must have been spending lots of time and energy writing your report, etc. Your dedication is wonderful. Hope your shoulder will recover well.

  8. BOBBYNYC Says:

    John damnnnn! You are a proffesional dawg! Shoot, I think you need to be working for fox sports or nba tv. Any-aways, seriously though, even though I’m gonna miss reading your analysis of the games each morning at work, you take good care of yourself first. Good luck with your surgery, hopefully everything goes A-OK. Hear from ya soon!

    thanks, bobby! that would be a dream come true.

    regarding the schedule, the good news is that my timing is perfect. it looks like i’ll really only miss one game (tuesday vs. 76ers) since the rockets have 4 days off until their next game the following saturday at which time my mind should be good to go. that’s a lucky break. even if any big stories break during that time, like a trade or whatever, i should be able to provide some short commentary. — john

  9. Jim From Hollywood CA! Says:

    Nice analysis John.
    Hope your shoulder gets better bro.


    John do you remember about 10 days agao when I mentioned that the rockets needed a winning streak? Well we got it buddy.

    Here is a lsit of the rockets next 4 HOME games:

    1/13: New orleans
    1/15: 76ers
    1/19: Spurs
    1/21: Seattle

    I think thier toughest matchup will be New orleans, simply because they are better at the guard spot, especially w/ the way that bobby jackson is playing off the bench. Yao should be able to dominate Chandler. I feel this is a game that we would need TMAC because he is a tall guard, but we need TMAC as a POST/forward player, and not a shooting guard. I dont know why Adelman doesnt play tmac more in the post.??..??

    Anywayz I really feel we can go 3-1 if not 4-0 for the next 4 home games.
    I feel that the spurs have hit a wall…..dont know why, but they seem to be getting the attitude that SHAQ has….Once in the playoffs we can turn it up…

    what do you think John, Do we have a chance now w/ how the team is focused on TEAM basketball…>>>


    thanks, jim. if the rockets continue to play this way, i think they could be the team everyone thought they would be, and maybe even make a golden state kind of run like the warriors did last year, with a #8 seed beating a #1 seed. — john

  10. Zoe Says:

    Dear John:

    Thanks for the oral report using the new technology. It is so nice to hear your voice after reading your comments for over 5 years. Hopefully, you may use both in the future, even after your fully recover from the shoulder surgery. I have always enjoyed your game summary, wich is unique, truthful, and full of wisdom.

    By the way, I heard that there are some software out there to convert the recorded voice into typed form.

    Good luck with your surgery and have a speedy recovery. Before you enter the surgery room, think about all of the people who care about you, love you and need you, including the fans on this board. If you give us an address, we can send card to you.


    zoe, thanks for the very kind words. no need to send a card, that will make me feel like i’m sick. you guys have done enough with you donations. if i get lonesome, i’ll post something on the site to make me feel connected to all of you. — john

  11. GC Says:

    Hey there,

    I’ve read every post you’ve written here ever since this site got up and running but have never posted anything myself.

    I guess I have always taken you and this site for granted, figuring as long as Yao played for the NBA, this site would always be here.

    It would be terrible if you were not able to write here anymore due to the problem with your shoulder.

    So first, let me apologize for not giving you props for keeping this site updated for the last several years, and here’s my thanks for all the work and effort you put into this site to keep it running and updated with the latest info on Yao!

    I hope your surgery is a success and a part of success is to keep a positive mindset. I’m sure it’ll go well. You’ll be in my prayers.

    thank you. it’s always good to hear from a long-time reader. good night. — john

  12. SH Says:

    I must admit I expected a screechy, mediocre voice like most of us have, and so was somewhat surprised. It is a good voice, though I wouldnt’ go as far as Arthur and call it sexy (and you wouldnt want that from a guy, anyway, I would hope.)

  13. Luckyme Says:

    Thank you, John, for the updates and letting us know about your surgery on your shoulder. I sympathize with you on your problem and understand how uncomfortable/painful it could be because I am having problem with mine as well – all from pushing hands (Taiji training) and tennis.
    Anyhow, you deserve a little break – I don’t recall you have ever taken an extended break since the beginning of your blog when you wrote the play by play account of the games.
    I enjoy reading your detailed analysis of the games and hope to see you up and running again.

    By the way, your voice analysis is just as good – I don’t mind either method you use to bring us the commentaries. Good luck!

    thank you for the kind words. I hope your pain can also get treated before it gets chronic.

    i should only have to miss one game, so the timing is really good for this since i’ll probably only miss the 76er game on tuesday, then be back at it a few days later in time for the game against the spurs. — thanks, john

  14. barry Says:

    Hey john! thank yor for your dedication to this blog. I’ve read nearly all of your entries and i appreciate every single one i’ve ever read. I hope your shoulder gets better!

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