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Yao and Ye Li get wedding photos taken

July 31st, 2007
by John

They haven’t got married yet, but Yao Ming and his fiancee Ye Li got their pre-wedding photos taken early Tuesday morning at a resort called Taihu Yuan Resort in the city of Lin’an, just 2 hours from Ye Li’s hometown.

Yao apparently liked the scenery so much, he asked about environmental protection measures like the flow of tourists.

Click here for more photos from their session. Thanks go to Raymond for the photos.

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  1. DoctorPsi Says:

    This is great, especially when you find the perfect place where you can have your wedding.The nature can be a magical place for you and can have magical effect upon you and your guests.

  2. kristoferjohn Says:

    Very nice photographs,both are looking nice.

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