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The play that could win the series

May 5th, 2007
by John

I can’t help but look back to the end of Game 6 and think of one play that could win Game 7 tonight. All of the Jazz players and coaches know Tracy McGrady will be intent to take it to the hole and not put up jump shots like he did late in the fourth quarter of Game 6. They know the pressure is “on him” to take on more of the scoring burden, and they will go after him to block his shot and hassle him as a result. All you have to do is look at Andrei Kirilenko following him to the hole on one late possession and contest his shot in Game 6.

I think the Jazz will continue to do that. But it’s going to give the Rockets a golden opportunity to exploit that collapsing defense on McGrady. So if the Rockets need a big shot to win this game, which I think it will, then I love the play where McGrady takes it to the hole and dishes to Yao for a dunk.

I believe that happened at least a couple of times in Game 6, and it’s almost indefensible the way the Jazz defenders come over to help out on McGrady, leaving Yao open.

I also like it when McGrady kicks out to other non-Yao teammates for open jumpers, and I think it’s great as a standard practice throughout all of Game 7. But when the chips are down and you need a high percentage shot to win it in Game 7, I like the McGrady-Yao connection.

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