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Rockets lose 6th straight

March 21st, 2006
by John

TUESDAY, 3/21/06 – I can’t take it any more. There’s only so much you can say after the Rockets were dominated again, losing to the Dallas Mavericks on national TV Tuesday night, 88-72.

I know, I know. T-Mac is out. David Wesley is out. I don’t care. A team shouldn’t be so dependent on one player, no matter how much of a superstar that one player is. Going 0-13 against teams in their own division — worst in the league — is unbelievable. The Rockets also have the worst home record in the league (13-22).

We couldn’t even find solace in a Yao domination. Yao only scored 13 points on 6-of-15 shooting, snapping a streak of 14 games where he scored 20 points or more. He was blanketed by two or three defenders each possession, and his teammates couldn’t capitalize when he kicked it out to them.

The only hope the Rockets have is to hope for as many ping-pong balls in the NBA Draft lottery in a couple of months.

Sorry. No photo tonight. I’ve got too much work to do and I need a break from this depression. The only highlight for me was when Stromile Swift (5-of-8, 10 points, 5 rebounds in 12 minutes) threw down a monster one-handed dunk so powerful over Erick Dampier, even Yao opened his mouth wide in awe and yelled “WHOOOOAAAA!” to Swift.

By the way, did you see how former Rocket Mike James on Tuesday night scored 37 points, grabbed 8 boards and had 5 assists? Nice.

Before signing out, you won’t believe the email I received tonight. It was from the Rockets promoting their “Early Bird Campaign” for next year’s season ticket packages. Can you believe that? They have the brilliance to send marketing emails on the same night they got shellacked for the sixth game in a row! That’s about as smart as some of the players moves I’ve seen this season (e.g., aforementioned Mike James, Derek Anderson, Rick Brunson, Richie Frahm).

Just for kicks, here’s an excerpt from the email:

This season started off with the type of enthusiasm and high expectations that Rockets fans have not experience since our championship years. The results so far have not lived up to our expectations. A rash of injuries has kept us from reaching our potential. While we are disappointed in our current record, we remain confident in this team’s ability, desire and work ethic. Yao and Tracy will continue to form the foundation of our team through the end of the 2009 season and our expectations will remain high going into the 2006-2007 season.

I will probably respond to this email reminding them they were playing terribly even before the injures to T-Mac and Yao hit them, along with a few other comments.


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