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Tops in Toronto

December 24th, 2004
by Yao

thumbnailLast night’s game versus Toronto was incredible. I can’t even begin to tell you how good I felt after the game and still feel today! It was like an early Christmas present. Scoring 40 points was nice, but the most important thing was that the team played well and that we came away with the win. Coming into the season after all the major transactions of the summer, there were a lot of expectations on the Rockets as a whole, and of Tracy and me in particular.

The beginning of the season however, has been a learning process; this team is very different from last season’s and Tracy and I have only really played together for a few months. In many ways we are still very much getting to know each other on the court, and that takes time. I am excited about where this team is headed though and I believe that things are starting to really gel now. During the first two months of the season, I think people saw glimpses of what Tracy and I are capable of. Individually speaking, we have had several good games. Last night however, for the first time, people finally saw what Tracy and I are capable of together – and I think it was something pretty special. And maybe even, a little scary. Now that’s not to say we are going to post almost forty apiece every night – this is a tough league we’re in after all and an even tougher conference – but I believe it’s definitely a peak into the future, so stay tuned.