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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:52 am
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New Era

But probably the same crappy results.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:31 pm
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It's about time.

the Governor of the Lakers ownership, Jeannie Buss, has just named Earvin "Magic" Johnson as VP, Business Operations, replacing Jim Buss, who will no longer have operational responsibility. Also, Mitch Kupchak, the GM, has been terminated.

rumors abound that Kobe's former agent , ROB PELINKA, will be named the new GM

after 3 consecutive < 30-win seasons, the coupe de grace was these FA signing blunders
during this past off-season.

      FA C Mozgov, 4 yrs for $60M, who was Cavs' 9th man last yr, 6.3 ppg

      FA F Deng, 4 yrs for $72M, w a career 15 ppg avg, but is avging 7.8

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:29 pm
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the Buss family feud continues, only nastier.

last week, Jeanie's Buss' 2 older brothers, John and Jim, working behind the scenes to stage a palace coupe to unseat Jeanie as the Governor of Lakers ownership.

Jeanie went to Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeking a restraining order against her brothers Jim and Johnny to prevent them from upending the Lakers’ board of directors and her role in it. She was successful in her suit because of a Mobius strip of legal logic that says that as controlling owner, she must be on the board of directors. Jim and Johnny quickly gave up any attempt, if such an attempt was made in the first place, which their lawyer denies.

Still, it’s worth noting that in the court documents, Jeanie said, “Jim has already proven to be completely unfit even in an executive vice president of basketball operations role.” Those words hurt, especially coming from your younger sister. And they serve as an important reminder:

This family feud isn’t over. Buckle up, LakersNation

some background info on the 4 siblings, current owners and BOD members of the Buss organization, of Dr. Buss

    Jeanie has over 30 yrs experience running promotions and business operations for the Lakers. she has been successful.

    John ran the LA sparks and WTT, both ventures had lost $$ every year.

    Jim was a former drug addict, horse trainer. he then ran the operations of a professiona soccer team, which became defaunt. Then, he was hand-picked by his Dad to run the Lakers basketball operations, which led to kicking HoF Jerry West off LakersNations. Then, Magic followed the same fate as the NBA logo. Jim's competence came into question after 3 consecutive seasons of < 30 wins

    Janie, until recently, had no official responsibilities w the Lakers organization

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