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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2020 10:19 am
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Singocuck spymaster talk about Syria, where US lost and had to withdraw...

As for F-35 and stealth, it's over rated because they rely on mid-air refuel, and fuel planes are NOT STEALTH. Simply track the fuel planes with Radar then Satellites.

Carrier base stealth missions are even more stupid because everyone know where the carrier groups at ALL TIMES. When a carrier farts, everyone knows... even google maps can track carriers.

Only shthole 3rd world countries worry about Stealth... like singouck land. If you just use your fcking brain, you can figure out why the F117 was shot down by some WW2 era SAM.

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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2020 6:19 pm
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more ramble ramble for canto victory

Again Israel "UFO" airstrikes Iranian interest at will, even reports of flying into Iran undetected multiple times with aerial refueling. To date, no S-300 or S-400 has fired at a single F35.

Canto simulation. Canto Syrian war simulation.

Netanyahu warns Iran that Israel’s F-35s can reach ‘anywhere in the Middle East’

The F-35 stealth jet is not believed to have an effective range to reach Iran unassisted, but it could conduct operations there with in-air refueling, a capability possessed by Israel’s air force. ... ddle-east/

Iran’s Air Force Chief Fired For Israeli Jets’ Undetected Violation Of Airspace ... -airspace/

Lol, 3rd world shthole with butters award winning self proclaim F35 killer radar and Russian S-400

The irony is the 40+ F14 in Iran left from the Shah regime. To date the Islamic Republic is doing all it can to keep their F14 operational despite lower cost options. The Iranian sees Chinese fighters as inferior to their already ageing F14 for the 70s.

I am not even going to respond to your nonsense on carrier farts. Canto do realize carriers are floating runways????

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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2020 11:29 pm
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Just imagine the Japanese converted their helicopter carriers into F-35 carriers, and then realize the Chinese can easily remove them with their DF-21 missiles even before the ships leave their ports.

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PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2020 12:49 am
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Butters you fail as 50cents

DF-21???? You not doing proper job. Go write self critique. It is the H-20.

China’s long-range Xian H-20 stealth bomber could make its debut this year ... -its-debut

The other canto will cry "not cnbc" white media nonsense don't care cause not white and SCMP not insider.

Ok, Global times below

China urged to expand nuclear arsenal to deter US warmongers

Facing rising strategic threats from the US, China needs to increase its number of nuclear warheads and complete a technologically advanced nuclear triad by developing the H-20 strategic stealth bomber and JL-3 submarine-launched ballistic missiles to deter potential impulsive military action by US warmongers, experts said on Friday.


China is reportedly building a third and more advanced aircraft carrier and developing a long-range strategic bomber, rumored as the H-20. The number of modern weapons like the J-20 fighter jet and Type 055 large destroyer is still running short compared to the potentially hostile F-35 fighter jet and advanced warships of the US and its allies near China.

Get on with the program. H-20 not DF-21

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PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2020 12:58 am
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grasshopper, either H-20 bombers or DF-21 missiles will take care of Singapore easily.
Those F-35 fighters will not be able to leave Singapore at all.

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PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2020 2:44 pm
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ISreal UFO... LOL, ISreal will do anything for money. They will sellout their family.

Singocuck is what US call a WALLET... dump surplus junk to singapore and they have to pay.

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PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2020 11:02 pm
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LoL canto,

Ramble ramble, what has Israel will do anything for money got to do with F35 being junk????

Canto victory.

Canto cannot argue but ramble incoherently.

I put it simply

F35 has gone into combat since 2018. In the 2 years, not a single S-300 S-400 or S-500 (not deployed) has fired at an F35, making mockery of claims by Chinese on its award winning AESA JY-27 used together with S-300, S-400 batteries in Syria.

F35 conducted multiple "UFO" airstrikes taking out key Iranian and Hezbollah targets inside Syrian, Lebanon and Iraq.

Iranian chief of air force sacked for covering up the failure to detect F35 incursion into Iranian air space.

After Iran threaten to destroyed Israel within 30 mins, prime minister Netanyahu counter threaten Iran with the F35.

Canto do realize a threat is threatening not how Israel sees its effectiveness but by how Iranian sees it effectiveness of the perceive threat.

J20, not mass produce in significant quantities. Intended engine not ready, fitted with previous technology engines from 40 years ago as stop gap. For an aircraft in "operational" for 3 years, very little involvement in anything "operational" except appearance in airshow and flypast.

Enough rhetorical argument.

Canto Victory

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PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2020 3:51 am
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Singocuck Victory in tears... ROFL!

F-35 is trash... I'm American and I'm just being honest... this sht was in development for over 20 years. It literally kill it's own pilots. Its frame is GARBAGE because it has all these vestigial features from type A B C. F35 has bloat baked In. They tried to cut corners by using the same frame with different wing type also, there is a cavity for lift fans of B type, but A and C types don't require that frame.

Also, sht looks like a penguin. Overall, it's shtty design without much thought into it... it is a scam to coerce money from shthole countries under US imperial rule.

It is already obsolete as Drones are more efficient.

Edit: you fcking moron still yapping about ISreal Stealth. Iran recently launched their own satellite. Stealth planes, especially short range planes like F35 are easily tracked by Satellite... by the Air Bases and Fuel Planes. US satellites track all Russian and Chinese assets too. This is why Subs exist.

Or you can be like Japan and kamikaze in the ocean for no reason. Be Penguin?

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PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2020 6:18 pm
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LoL, again ramble ramble

I think I posted it before in this forum. Canto talks about failure 20 years ago to knock on the F35.

20 years ago, the F35 was design for stealth and controlling them has to be done with correction via digital fly by wire. The processors crash causing lost of control.

Again processors speed doubled every 2 years.

So by canto logic, digital camera is a failure because the low pixel images are grainy. LoL 20 years ago.

On canto terms, I hope this analogy is easy enough even canto can understand. Imagine those hobbyist RC helicopter from years back. They are almost impossible to fly and you need to practice for a time. Forward today, anyone can fly those drones with no practice or skill.

LoL, canto making stuffs up. Canto moving away from radar to satellite. Iran launch military satellite to detect F35. Next canto will detect F35 via google earth.

Canto victory

Ok, China is researching ghost imaging satellite that can detect stealth. Granted it takes several minutes to render an image, making it almost useless.

If you let Moores law on processor speed doubling every 2 years, maybe in 20 years it can be down to a second. Then taking the F35 down is the challenge.

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PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2020 7:50 pm
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Ok lets be serious here and not be canto about stuffs.

The strategy in containing China from the Korean war is the island chain strategy.

1st chain, Taiwan, Philippines
2nd chain, Island south Japan, and most importantly Guam
3rd chain, Hawaii

This is a what the Chinese themselves sees as the key US strategy to contain them.

Again China can break the 3rd chain by unconventional means but China will only retaliate and will not be the first to use nuclear weapons.

For the US, containment will be mainly the F-35. China calls them F-35 friend circle. USA strategic bombers will also play a major role. US need only to position their carrier outside the Taiwan Straits.

China intend to counter the F-35 with their J20, the 2 operational J-20 Sqn is part of the Eastern Theater command. The command to take back Taiwan. Also in the same command is the J-16 which in my opinion is one China's better fighters. China is making them in large quantities and giving them stealth coating, hence Taiwan purchase of the F-16 viper makes sense.

China is also buying more SU-35 and possibly SU-57 in case of further delay of the J-20 hampered by WS-15 development.

Type 003 and type 004 is suppose to break 1st and 2nd chain or even go further to attack the 3rd chain to allow PLAN to become a blue water navy. China is now seeing their limitation and cancelled type 005 and type 006. Type 003 and type 004 has to have 5th generation fighters be it J-20, FC-31 or some new aircrafts.

Some years back, I had an argument with another Singaporean poster here on the Liaoning. I said it was a waste of money and China should prioritize on the H-20.

Last month when China was holding military drills on taking back Taiwan ahead of Taiwanese president swear in ceremony. US sent their strategic bombers across the south China sea, Taiwan straits and Japan. That was all it took.

Today we have China narrative pushing for the H-20

But canto will cry "white worshiper" don't care unless from white media

so LoL fox news

China's Xian H-20 stealth bomber completes nuclear triad, could make debut this year ... -this-year

And last point, the militarization of the south china seas land filled island right up to Philippines doorstep to include missiles battery and runway that allows the H-20 to take off.

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