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PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2006 1:22 pm
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seiya wrote:
temuchin wrote:
no one cares about yao except chinese and american-born asians

after all, how popular is ichiro in china? or hines ward? and those 2 are the MVP-caliber players, much more dominant in their sports than yao

it's naive to think that people in korea or japan have given a single thought to yao in the past 2 years, other than diehard NBA fans in those countries

baseball and american football are not popular in china, so it's no strange that few china chinese hv ever heard of ichiro or hines ward.

on the other hand, many chinese bball fans know that tabuse was the first jananese player to make the nba. also chinese soccer fans know well about a lot of korean and japanese soccer players playing overseas.

so it's about how popular the sport is, not about nationality.

now u realize how retard u r by making those stupid comments?

i think both of you got a point regarding this topic. I think you are both right, there is no one single answer for this question.

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