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PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2004 10:17 pm
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Yao needs to stay the course, Yao and the entire team has got to believe that the rockets will get better, they need to blame circumstance and schedule for their current bad start.

Liket the Kings after a bad start, they got back on track Cris Webber have the right attitude blaming the schedule for their lossess.
and now they're back.

The Rockets have the wrong attitude JVG is always blaming his players for the loss.
Yao blaming himself for that turnover that cost the loss of the game in truth so many things cause the loss of the game, and no one game during the season would likely cost the entire season.

Having the right mindset is important.
Yao should focus on rebounding and scoring, Rebounding most of all since that's a center's job.
He should shy away from defending perimenter players that is so not his job setting picks is not a good idea either.

this from Houston Chronicle:
Sura no cure-all
"You would expect that he will help, but you can't expect someone who has never played a game with you and who's been out so long, to be a cure-all," Van Gundy said. "It's not that one position that is holding us back. It's really not fitting together well that's holding us back.

"When you have good chemistry, it inspires you personally. It inspires each other. And we certainly need improvement in that area."

Van Gundy said the blame is shared by everyone in the locker room, including him. He said he is still searching for a right mix of players who can win on the court. He added that the players need to ask themselves if they are helping the team come together or hurting the team.

The change Van Gundy hopes to eventually create will catapult the Rockets to the top of the Western Conference. He has seen the potential in this team, but the glimpses have been fleeting.

"To break out of that rut of being just OK is very difficult, but we have to be able to be ruthless in our pursuit of being better than mediocre," he said. "Mediocrity has seeped in and stayed in.

"And to have a breakthrough, we're going to have to do some things differently as far as sustaining our play."

Well I agree that Rockets are doing poorly, but instead of lineup changes etc. the first thing JVG needs to change is their critical and bouts of self blaming mindset.

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