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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 5:48 pm
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IF yao Did NOT have a girl friend before enting the NBA and somehow he met and fell in love and with a Japanese or half japanese/american (who speaks mandarin well ) and admits this to the public

1 How do you think the overseas Chinese media ( Excluding media from China ) will take this ?

2 How different would Yao be taking "it from the media in China ?

3 How much will such lower his popularity among his overseas chinese fans ( Excluding fans in China ) ?

4 How much will such lower his popularity among his Local Chinese fans ( China fans ONLY ) ?

5 How much less of a negative thing will it be for Yao if the girl is just a westerner ( white girl ) with NO Japanese blood

I think such will generate negative reports /opinion from overseas chinese media but not as bad as how bad he will be getting it from the media in China

As far as overseas chinese fans from all over the world (excluding china ) he may loose 20 % of his popularity from this and as far as fans from China only he may loose as much as 40 % specially if he marries this japanese or half japanese girl

T think that China (media and local people ) would be much much more sensitive/angry with any of its known personalties (sports or not ) having a relationship specially if they marry someone with japanese blood .

Other predominantly chinese countires like Taiwan or Hongkong would not likely be as sensitive if its known personality has relations with Japanese or half japanese girl

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