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PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2006 11:50 pm
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No, not really. :lol:

A new article has surfaced, and Mutumbo is saying he would like to play/is capable of playing more than just one more year. Hm. ... ision.html

While speaking with Dikembe Mutombo for last week's story about the Sept. 2 opening of his hospital in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo -- an incredible accomplishment beyond anything possible on a basketball court -- it felt almost inappropriate to ask about something as trivial as basketball.
I did anyway.
Mutombo speaks with great passion about his work and all it will do to save and change lives in Kinshasa. But when we stopped to talk about basketball, he showed nearly as much zeal.
He sounded so excited, he did not sound like someone planning to retire after the season.
It turns out he's not -- or at least he's not sure.
"I'll play one or two (more seasons)," Mutombo said. "One thing I've learned, as a big man, you can still do it as long as you can go up and down the floor. I think I can still go up and down the floor."
Mutombo had a surprisingly strong first season with the Rockets in 2004-05 (when Jeff Van Gundy said, "He says he's 38, he's probably 48 and he might be 58.) Mutombo signed a two-year deal with plans to make it his last NBA contract and the expectation that those two seasons would put a suitable end to a great career.
But now that the end is near, he has wavered on that plan.
For the Rockets, this should be considered good news. Mutombo can only be effective if it all still matters to him, if he can muster the on-court ferocity and pride that made him such a defensive force.
At 40-years-old and with so much more going on in his life, if Mutombo were coming back only to put in one last season and complete his contract there would be no way he could excel.
He slipped markedly from his first to second season with the Rockets. Hit 40-years-old and it happens (if memory serves). But Mutombo at least sounds as if this basketball stuff still moves him. The Rockets can only hope he plays too well to walk away.

I like him a lot and hope he can get a ring. But should we keep him after this year? Feel free to discuss.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 5:49 am
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it really depends on Yao's performance. If Yao can stay injury-free and stay out of foul trouble. We certainly can use deke's spur of energy and attitude in the finals. I see deke to be a much bigger type of impact veteran player in the finals.

Obiously we can't depend on deke for the regular season or as heavy backup for Yao when he's in foul trouble.

JVG said it he wants another player that can play pf/c. if he can get a rookie type of player who would be suitable to backup for Yao, than keeping deke for another season after this may not be a bad call, specially if he is cheap.

we are aiming to win now, so keeping deke on a year to year contract may not be a bad idea.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 11:55 am
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GO MUTOMBO! I want him to win a championship in Houston. Which may not be far away. :wink:

He can still be useful for two more seasons, as long as Yao doesn't get injured. He can bring to the Rockets what Alonzo brought to the Heat last year. A backup center that gives a spark off the bench and shotblocking.

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