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Author:  Malorkayel [ Sat Oct 05, 2013 8:58 am ]
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Fans can't help themselves. There is a lot of NBA basketball that is counter intuitive. Even the fact that playing zone was illegal for most of our generation to ensure rating pleasing 1 on 1 WWF type entertainment.

The terminology of Guards/Forwards/Center mimic that of other sports like Soccer or Hockey that play zone defense. Forwards attack in the front, Guards defend in the back.

There is many gray areas and unwritten rules in Basketball that announcers and analysts actually create lies so they can communicate with the layman fans.

Even the most basic of the rules get bent, like how many steps while gathering and dribbling the ball. That bunny hop that everyone takes while catching and spotting up a 3pter.

So, we're back at that "overlapping skills", which is a fallacy. You want all your players to have skills like shooting and dribbling and passing. Now tell me 1 coach that bish about their players having too many skills. The stupid sht is lazy bad coaching.

A GM might say that he can only afford 1 player, so he goes and look for someone that complement his other players in skillset. A coach CAN NOT say that his roster has players with overlapping skill set. He can say that he has too many players playing the same position.

The problem with HOU is that Harden was playing combo PG/SG and forward all the same time in that stupid BS that McDuck called an offense. Morey said that ideally, the best player on your team should have the most attempts at scoring the ball. So, McDuck when full retard EZ mode and slap @ss dumped the ball to Harden Hero ball every chance to go "win us da game".

I'm not sure what's going to happen this season. Because McDuck doesn't have the green light for EZ mode slap @ss basketball anymore with the addition to Dwight on the team.

Author:  tharock220 [ Tue Oct 08, 2013 10:01 pm ]
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temuchin wrote:
guess you missed the part where Yao and Nash led their teams in free throws.

One is a post player the other is a point guard. I laid out the similarities in Kobe and Payton's games. I'm sorry you have enough time to make such long posts that say absolutely nothing.

Author:  Malorkayel [ Tue Oct 08, 2013 10:15 pm ]
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I forgot what you were arguing about. Give me cliff notes.

Author:  temuchin [ Wed Oct 09, 2013 8:01 am ]
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tharock220 wrote:
temuchin wrote:
guess you missed the part where Yao and Nash led their teams in free throws.

One is a post player the other is a point guard. I laid out the similarities in Kobe and Payton's games. I'm sorry you have enough time to make such long posts that say absolutely nothing.

STFU moranus. what's the point of you posting random bullshit when you're wrong about everything?

serious question. other than being a moranus why bump old threads to post nothing at all? you just did exactly what I said you do, which is bring up new random ****** in threads where you've already said a long litany of nonsense. you literally logged on to say nash and yao playing different positions is the thing that distinguishes them from ANOTHER 2 PLAYERS WHO PLAY DIFFERENT POSITIONS. .

Lol you start the argument with pryuen because he thinks roles should be delineated by position: PG handle the ball. You end the argument by going full circle, and when I use your own criteria to say Yao and Nash led in FT, it's "positions are different." I mean even in your stupid digression no one cares about is it "leads the team meaning same skillset" or is it "plays different positions." These are your own stupid criteria you make up every post to cover your *****. No one even gives a ****** be consistent just for yourself.

stick to bumping old beef about aquatics. I can't even remember the last time you posted anything demonstrative of the fact that you understand basketball. it's you bitching like a chick about crap you yourself posted and following pryuen around to cry about ****** he posts

LOOK AT YOUR ****** SELF. you yourself claimed the "OVERLAPPING SKILLSET" for Kobe and Payton being "post up players who had plays designed for them in the post despite playing with capable big men." Oh so they're POST GUARDS? I guess post and perimeter doesn't matter using your own logic. It's by skillset you know. Nah that was yesterday. Today "one is a post player other is guard." But you said that it's about skillsets and guards are posting and posts are handling ballz and your entire argument is positions don't matter to pryuen. That's what this ARGUMENT IS ABOUT. Nah. TLDR. NM what I just wrote earlier about skillset or isobeard or ball handling. I'm just a mornuas typing random ******.

wait hold so Yao and Kobe... by your definition both "post players" both leading the team in free throws are "overlapping skillsets"? NO CANT U READ. THAT WAS YESTERDAY WHEN I WAS ***** COVERING FOR SOMETHING ELSE I WROTE. NOW IT'S BY POSITION. SHEESH.

I'd tell you to try to post on your topic, instead of contradicting ****** you posted but the better advice is to just not post. you're ****** atrocious.

Full blown moranus. preseason has started. new fresh slate for you to claim new bullshit and make a fool of yourself in new and inventive ways

Author:  Malorkayel [ Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:23 am ]
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I wanted him to narrow down his talking points. Not throwing out names and sets.

He mentioned MJ, Kobe, Nash, Payton, Shaq, triangle offense. Those are good yes?

And then concluded that Harden = PG.

That's how I saw it.

Author:  temuchin [ Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:16 am ]
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he's being a moranus saying that Harden should be PG plus iso player plus SG plus a thing called Post Up Power Guard in the paint and that Houston would win coz of "best player"

as for triangle offense, he hasn't posted ****** about triangle offense. first of all EVERY offensive scheme is designed to allow entry posts into the paint. that's not what distinguishes triangle offense at all. that would be like arguing BMW versus Benz and saying BMW allows for quick deceleration being the distinction

triangle offense is an old type of read and react offense, distinguished by the fact that basically the court is split into 2. on one side you have 3 players set in a triangle to allow the ball handler 2 immediate reads for passing, not into the PAINT but from any of the points to the other points. on the other side of the court you have 2 other points that can be used to ceate a new triangle on the opposite side. it's not about posting ppl. I mean yeah you can POST ppl with it but you can POST ppl with literally every single offense that has ever been used in the NBA as a basic requirement for being a feasible offense.

even the most rudimentary offensive system has at least 2 entry points on one side of the court and another 2 points on the other side of the court. it has nothing to do with distinguishing triangle offense

triangle is actually the opposite of iso. it's about using ball movement to defeat double teams and the footspeed of players. OPPOSITE of iso, which is to COMMIT to a single player scoring and create spacing for him to work, taking other players out of the offense. triangle is to allow basically 3 players at any time the opportunity to score

rock literally hasn't posted one salient point about triangle offense pertaining to iso. or posting in the paint. or isos in the paint. he hasn't made the triangle offense relevant to ANY POINT made in this thread. even his own points. there's literally no reason why he would even post about triangle except as a desperate measure like "yeah okay you say I know nothing at all about iso but do you know I know that Jordan played in a triangle offense???? doesn't that mean I know something?? McHale, Jordan, Payton, Shaq! see I know those names!"

he's gone from a dude who looked like a passable average basketball fan to a ****** who looks like he knows absolutely nothing about anything

Author:  PhilNYC [ Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:43 am ]
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The way I see Harden at the end of the game is this...he wants to take the last shot. Whether it's an outside jumper, a drive to the basket, or driving to the basket and drawing a foul, passing the ball to an open teammate is like the 4th or 5th option in his mind. This is pretty much the epitome of "hero ball", where passing the ball isn't really something he's thinking about. Naysayers will say "but he has a lot of assists!"...and yes, this is true. But I would suspect that very few (if any) of those assists were ever made in the final minute of a game.

Contrast that to Jeremy, I think Jeremy wants the ball in his hands in those moments, but thinks more about making a play...he doesn't need to be the shooter, he just wants to be the one to find the open shot either for himself or his teammate. Passing the ball is option 1A and shooting the ball is option 1B, and he chooses whichever one has the best chance of going in. Playing to draw the foul isn't something he sets out to do (I believe Harden does)...

Author:  Dr. No [ Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:35 pm ]
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PhilNYC wrote:
Playing to draw the foul isn't something he sets out to do (I believe Harden does)...
if JLin possess elite 1 on 1 skills, doesn't have to be as good as Harden's, he too would go "hero" hall; but, the Harvard grad is smart enough to know his limitation

those w elite 1 on 1 skills would go hero ball, those less blessed would not

Author:  temuchin [ Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:53 pm ]
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lol this Moranus "elite skills"

other moranus "overlapping skillsets"

both of you idiots STFU and try either picking up a basketball or learning something about the game

the entire thing with isobeard read and react was comedy of error litany of how a coach and player can mangle ****** and then call it something else.

first of all read and react, just calling it that, gives McHale cover, by claiming that Harden is making the decisions, not McHale at the end of games.

that way when Harden fails, it's Harden being a young player, Harden making bad reads, Harden trying to do too much etc.

at the same time, McHale can claim that he's given the correct reactions to the players. he DID his job. players' execution FTL

as phil points out, and I've posted, the problem on Harden's end is that he doesn't trust his teammates reads. he thinks he's still a 6th man whose responsibility it is to score the ball without consideration of his teammates. that kind of instinct is actually very valuable for the 6th man. you come in and produce, regardless of what the other team is doing, how your own team has been playing etc. it's a disruptive role both for the other team's defense and also for your own team's offensive flow. often you want the 6th man to come in score and lift your team regardless of whether they're not playing well or are mired in a contested game

so instead of some motion offense dependent on the Harden probing the defense and passing the ball to swing the offense or moving through screens to get open, it ended with him pounding the ball and missing shots. it's fake iso and fake read and react. I don't know if Malorkayel pulled those terms from some blog or other messageboard but it's the perfect way to describe what happened. all the while McHale can continue to plead no culpability. see? it's that Harden wasn't making the right decisions, and the other guys weren't executing!

in truth it is hero ball. the question is whether that is engendered by

1) mental stupidity/BBALL IQ
2) bad attitude/greed
3) inexperience
4) wrong mindset as a 6th man rather than a leader
5) Harden simply not being given the tools to succeed

clarity comes as he plays through this year and into his career, and whether he can transition to a successful franchise player and leader for a team from his previous role

Author:  Dr. No [ Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:57 pm ]
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temuchin wrote:
the problem on Harden's end is that he doesn't trust his teammates reads. he thinks he's still a 6th man whose responsibility it is to score the ball without consideration of his teammates.
there you go again,
    pretending to be able to read people's mind :roll:
:oops: :oops: :oops:

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