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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:40 pm
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Some updates on Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks.

It seemed like the management is not very satisfied with the performance of Elijah Milsap during the preseason where they ended 3W 3L, and maybe thinking of making change to their expats.

And they have invited Agent Zero Gilbert Arenas for a 1-week trial before deciding their next move.

Gilbert Arenas is currently in Shanghai training/practicing together with the Sharks.


Also even though they have signed Jet Chang Tsung Hsien, Jet Chang may not be able to join, subject to a special approval from the relevant Taiwanese authorities and SBL, as it was revealed that Jet Chang is still under the summon for 5-year military service in the reserve army.

So it is still wait-and-see for Jet Chang Tsung Hsien.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:06 pm
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It seemed that at the close of local Chinese players registration, Beijing Jinyu Capital Steel Ducks had a change of mind.

They dropped the 3 original junior players (Yin Zhong, Xia Yutong, and Bai Yue) and instead registered 2 other players promoted from the juior team:

  • Wang Xinlei
  • Yao Guangguo

pryuen wrote:
The full roster of Beijing Jinyu Capital Steel Ducks is as follows:

  • Stephon Marbury
  • Lee Hsueh-lin (MVP of 2012 CBA Final)
  • Fang Shuo
  • Chen Shidong
  • Li Gen
  • Chen Lei
  • Wang Xiaohui
  • Xie Libin
  • Yin Zhong (rookie promoted from junior team)
  • Xia Yutong (rookie promoted from junior team)
  • Zhai Xiaochuan
  • Yin Tianren
  • Ji Zhe
  • Chang Lin
  • Han Chongkai
  • Zhu Yanxi (2011~12 CBA Rookie of the Year)
  • Randolph Morris
  • Bai Yue (rookie promoted from junior team)

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 2:05 am
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Shanxi Fenjiu Zhongyu had a pretty successful season last year, finishing 3rd in the league, and barely lost to Beijing Jinyu Capital Steel Ducks in the semi final of the CBA playoff.

So they decided to retain the service of their deadly combo:

  • Marcus Williams (#3 in highest scoring with 32.0 ppg)
  • Charles Gaines (#4 in highest scoring with 29.0 ppg)
They had also hired former assistant coach of the Spanish national team Jesus Mateo as their head coach; Jesus Mateo also brought along his assistant Francisco Aurioles as the assistant coach.

Other than releasing back Ren Junwei back to Guangdong Hongyuan (later transferred to Foshan Draglion) and Malanbaike Makan back to Xinjiang Guanghui after their 1-year loan, and waiving Shang Ping who joined Qingdao Double Star Eagles, they had promoted a few young players from their junior team, as well as made
1 major signing; they have signed Chinese Taipei player Yang Chinmin, Taiwan SBL MVP.

The full roster of Shanxi Fenjiu Zhongyu is as follows:

  • Duan Jiangpeng
  • Zhang Xuewen
  • Pan Jiang
  • Lv Xiaoming
  • Wen Shengjie
  • Ge Zhaobao
  • Ma Weilong (rookie promoted from junior team)
  • Zhao Zheng
  • Yan Pengfei
  • Shen Yu (rookie promoted from junior team)
  • Tian Guisen
  • Xing Zhiqiang
  • Yang Muyuan (rookie promoted from junior team)
  • Yu Haoxi (rookie promoted from junior team)
  • Yang Chinmin
  • Li Yanan (rookie promoted from junior team)
  • Charles Gaines
  • Marcus Williams

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:52 am
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Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers had an extremely disappointing season. They splashed more than 80M Renminbi (approx US$ 13M) in hiring ex CNT head coach Bob Donewald Jr. and players like Kenyon Martin and Patrick Mills but ended up only 4th placed in the league.

But that did not thwart their ambition. They continued to splash money on their players this new season.

They have confirmed signing the following 2 expats:

  • Von Wafer, Yao Ming ex team mate of Houston Rockets
  • James Singleton
On local players, they recalled the service of Mawlan Tursun and Malanbaike Makan back from Foshan Draglion and Shanxi Fenjiu Zhongyu respectively after their 1-year loan. They added Su Yi-Chieh, an up-and-coming point guard from Taiwan. They also re-signed Zhang Qingpeng from Liaoning Jiebao.
The full roster of Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers is as follows:

  • Xirelijiang Muhetaer
  • Maierdan Tursun
  • Mawlan Tursun
  • Malanbaike Makan
  • Mulati Adelijiang
  • Mengke Bateer
  • Tang Zhengdong
  • Sun Weibo
  • Meng Duo
  • Xu Guochong
  • Zhang Shu
  • Zhang Qingpeng
  • Yu Changdong
  • Yu Changchun
  • Sun Mingyang
  • Su Yi-Chieh
  • Von Wafer
  • James Singleton

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:58 am
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Liu Wei looks just as muscular as Gilbert Arenas.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:06 pm
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CBA season is only half long of NBA. They should add more games.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 4:40 am
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Dongguan New Century Leopards have BIG AMBITION for the new season.

They dropped the egocentric ball-hog Josh AKognon (#5 highest scorer of CBA at 28 ppg) and signed Lester Hudson (#2 highest scorer of CBA at 33 ppg) from Qingdao Double Star Eagle.

They also signed Marcus Haislip from Foshan Draglions so as to reunite and reduplicate the combo that had won the CBA Championship for Guangdong Dongguan Bank Hongyuan Tigers in the 2010/11 season.

On the local players side:

  • They had signed Yu Shulong from Jilin Northeastern Tigers
  • They also promoted Luo Hanchen, the starting point guard of China U17 national team to the senior team
  • Zhao Jie, a young and talented small forward also returned after 2 years of repeated surgeries and rehabilitation to heal his ACL.
This season will be a break-or-make season for many young players on the team, particularly Li Muhao. Li had been touted as the next Chinese player to make it to NBA, but had so far not showed that potential after playing CBA for 2 to 3 seasons now. But he seemed to have improved his skills and attitude to the game after a 3-month intensive training in US this past summer.

The full roster of Dongguan New Century Leopards will be as follows:

  • Li Muhao
  • Qiu Biao
  • Sun Tonglin
  • Sun Zhe
  • Yu Shulong
  • Bi Jiguang
  • Luo Hanchen
  • Zhang Kai
  • Gu Quan
  • Zhao Jie
  • He Zhongmian
  • Hung Chihshan (Chinese Taipei player)
  • Huang Guobin
  • Marcus Haislip
  • Lester Hudson

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:04 am
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liu wei doesn't have a shoe deal?

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:20 am
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Zhejiang Guangsha Lions had made the following changes over the summer:

  • They fired their head coach Jim Cleamons, former assistant coach of LA Lakers for Phil Jackson, and former national team head coach Wang Fei returned as Head Coach.
  • They signed Al Thorton, Yi Jianlian's former team mate at Washington Wizards.
  • They retianed the service of their big centre Peter John Ramos of Puerto Rico.
  • They kept Lin Chih-Chieh the Beast, their Chinese Taipei star guard, who is a crowd favorite.
  • They added depth to their squad by signing Wang Zheng and Zhang Hanjun from Guangdong Dongguan Bank Hongyuan Tigers.
The full roster of Zhejiang Guangsha Lions is as follows:

  • Wang Bo
  • Jin Lipeng
  • He Ben
  • Zhang Wei
  • Zhang Yongpeng
  • Wang Zheng
  • Zhao Dapeng
  • Su Reyu
  • Wang Zirui
  • Teng Heqi
  • Zhang Hanjun
  • Sun Henan
  • Lin Chih-Chieh (Chinese Taipei player)
  • Peter John Ramos
  • Al Thorton

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:13 pm
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There is a young player rising on the horizon that's worth following in the new season.

And it is Wang Zhelin of Fujian SBS Xunxin.

Fujian SBS Xunxin had one of its best seasons last season, and made the playoff after so many years.

And for the new season, there are high hopes they could be better, as Wang Zhelin is promoted to the senior team.

In order to build the team around him, there had been major changes in the summer:

  • They had hired Tab Baldwin, former Head Coach of national team of New Zealand, Lebanon and Jordan and Nenad Vucinic, the current head coach of the New Zealand national team to be their head coach, and assistant head coach.
  • They had hired a NBA strength and conditioning coach to specifically work with Wang Zhelin.
  • They retained last year's power forward Will MacDonald.
  • They originally signed NBDL MVP point guard Justin Dentmon, but then for strange reason, waived Dentmon for another NBDL guard Stephen Graham; but after Stephen Graham's unsatisfactory preseason performance, they're now on the verge to sign Sundiata Gaines, a NBA journeyman.
On local players:

  • They let go of Gong Songlin, their original franchise star for many years. Gong Songlin joined Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank team.
  • They promoted a few other young players from its junior team.
The full roster of Fujian SBS Xunxin is as follows:

  • Guo Lei
  • Li Hang
  • Zhou Qixin
  • Yang Chao
  • Zhao Tailong
  • Zhang Yong
  • Wang Zhelin
  • Jia Junlong
  • Liu Zhenyong
  • Yang Qin
  • Xie Yacai
  • Chen Linjian
  • Lo Yi Ting (Hong Kong player)
  • Chen Jinlong
  • Guo Yifei
  • Wll Mac Donald
  • Sundiata Gaines (To Be Confirmed)

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