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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2006 11:19 am
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Viet_bange wrote:
you guys are abosolutely right every1 in america and every race is pretty racist.

the only different is that asians unlike latinos and balcks rarely fight back.

we only gots geeks that go ont he ent whinning and complaining, but in the real world when a white boy piss on them they go callling on the whitey cop.

just like in high school, asians(especially HKs chinese) was gettin mock and pick on all day tillt he early 80s when vietnamese started to aarrive, we actually fight back stab a few ****** then asians wasn't being picked on anymore cause ****** and whitey can't differ from one asaisnt o another.

now all you fools can do is go on the net and complain.

ya'll see muslim they got shiet but the whtiey are afraid of them like hell. asians get mock like that by western newspaper and nthign would happen

Actually, i think its started around 1975 when the vietnamese start to slap them white and black boys around for picking on them.

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