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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 7:21 am
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it's not about yao dude it's about his mother.

1) how she got caught up doing evil things like many of the best and brightest of her chinese generation during the great proletarian cultural revolution

2) how she was blackballed and suffered in the 70s and had to work manual labor for no money due to what she was involved in, and how her husband suffered as well

3) how her protective attitude concerning Yao Ming arose as a result of #2

SI's always had kickass writing. this article is cool how it shows Yao Ming is like a lot of Asian Americans. Most asian kids growing up in the US look at their parents as one-dimensional/old-school people, really conservative and without a clue compared to Americans. but in reality anyone who's immigrated to the US are risk-takers from their own lands. 90% of Americans cant do what your parents have done: have the balls to go to a new country with a new language dominated by foreign people and fight to get a piece of the pie. a lot of them had struggles and adventures that safe suburban kids could never imagine. this is paritcularly true of most older Koreans/Vietnamese whose parents experienced unwordly ****** during Korean/Vietnam Wars. the mass starvation in the great leap forward and cultural revolution in the 60s was as crazy as some wars, so it makes sense that mainland chinese 40-60 years old like Da Feng went through some ****** too

this article is evidently an excerpt from a larger book about Yao Ming and WZZ: Operation Yao Ming although V_B if you aint gonna read half a page on the internet you definitely aint gonna read the 300 pages of a harcover book. but based on this article which only covers Yao's mom, I'm sure Brook Larmer will have interesting ****** about WZZ and what happened to him too

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 7:32 am
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honestly, all writers (particularly academics and biographers) bring their own biases. it borders on bullshit to write an entire book about basically how yao ming a human being was "bred" by the communists. and I dont know how fair his characterization of Da Feng is, in terms of her eagerness to get involved with the Red Guard baiting... a lot of the kids back then who got off going into rooms with 60 year old former teachers and formerly powerful high officials and beating the ****** out of them were just plain sadists who'd probably be doing sick ****** in any culture. but the writer's descriptions of Yao's mom and dad... at least on surface... seem spot on

I really like how he describes yao's dad... who really does seem like a laid back/funny guy. and Yao's mom... who's definitely not pretty but at first glance is very striking, especially for a 6'2" woman. plus she has that cold demeanor like she could be a warrior princess from the middle ages or something

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:04 am
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if ur not goinga read it, then you don't have to ***** about how long it is...

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:16 am
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a good writer, basically yao's mom was a red guard... :evil: and she changed tho so thats good...

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:23 am
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I guess I have posted this before on this forum.....and this article The Centre of the World could also be included in that book Operation Yao Ming: The Chinese Sports Empire, American Big Business, and the Making of an NBA Superstar by Brook Larmer.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:30 am
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And this article from Brook Larmer on Wang Zhizhi on this year's Time Magazine should also be in that book as well.

[quote] ... tball.html

Making the Leap
Wang Zhizhi shot for glory, and made China a global player

By Brook Larmer

[size=100]It was late in the morning of July 1, 1999, when China's tallest soldier received an unexpected phone call from the U.S. Over the crackly connection, Lieut. Wang Zhizhi suddenly found himself listening to a live broadcast of the National Basketball Association draft. "With the 36th pick," the disembodied voice intoned, "the Dallas Mavericks select Wang Zee-zee of the People's Republic of China." Wang understood very little English

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:36 am
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And this article in the August 2003 issue of Time Magazine about Yi Jianlian should also be included into his book.


The Next Yao Ming?
NBA scouts are scouring China for another giant with the skills of last season's sensational rookie. This 6-ft. 11-in. teenager just might be the one

By Brook Larmer
Posted Sunday, August 24, 2003; 2:31 p.m. EST

[size=100][i]The Chinese giant was so dazzled by the lights of Las Vegas that he didn't notice the furtive glances of the tourists gathering around him. Trying to unwind after a few days of intense training in August, the basketball sensation had just taken a ride on the roller coaster atop the Stratosphere tower

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:52 am
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This is a great article. A dispelled a lot of myths about Yao:

Myth 1: The COMMUNIST government forced Yao to give 50% of his income.

Reality 1: It was Coyne Management, an American company along with corrupt Shanghai Sharks officials that coerced the Yao family into signing the contract. It was essentially a blackmail and playing to the fact that Yao may not be able to go to the NBA if those officials pulled some strings especially after the Wang Zhi Zhi "debacle". Welcome to the darkside of China in which will lead to the another downfall if scumsbags like these are left to run the country.

Nike tried to do the same thing but this time, Yao's family did not repeat the same mistake after learning the hard way with Coyne Management.

Below is the 1999 article excerpt about the conman CONMAN Michael Coyne and the corrupt Shangahi Sharks contract with Yao which in fact should be invald in my opinion because it could be signed under duress but not as evidenced by Yao's paycut.

"League sources told SI that Ming was talked out of entering the draft by both U.S. and Chinese basketball contacts, who feel he needs more heft (he weighs 270 pounds) and more experience. There were also concerns about Ming's deal with Evergreen. Two sources who have read the contract say that it calls for over half of Ming's earnings to go to Evergreen and the Sharks. The agreement was forwarded anonymously to the players' association, and sources there say executive director Billy Hunter proclaimed it invalid because Coyne is not a certified agent.

Coyne says Hunter has no jurisdiction over his deal with Ming precisely because he's no longer an agent. Coyne says he will provide comprehensive management services for Ming, such as assisting him in arranging his departure from China, helping him adjust to a new culture and learn a new language, finding international tax consultants for him and placing him with a certified agent.
" ... 1/nba0517/

Myth 2: Team Yao was not happy with Nike's proposal therefore went with Reebok.

Reality 2: Nike tried to con Yao with cheap payouts for huge marketing potential in the past. I think Nike was given a second chance but still played the role of a sly conman.

Myth 3: Yao's a momma's boy still living with his parents.

Reality 3: Yao's living with his parents in Houston was to catch up on not having his parents around since he was 13 years old.

Myth 4: Team Yao is running Yao

Reality 4: It was the mom whose protectiveness that controlled the direction. But lately, mom has been letting Yao be Yao.

Myth 5: Yao is soft

Reality 5: Knowing what he went through, he is everything but soft. He may appears soft because of his chinese upbringing of respect, humility, hardwork, discipline and filial piety, but if that is soft, I wonder why the chinese civilization is the only ancient civilization still around. In NBA context, the above-mentioned qualities are the reason why the Spurs and Pistons were Champions. Showtime strategy emulated by the Suns, Mavericks of loading up with talents and lots of scoring can't be done in this day and age of abundant NBA talents where the margin of talent between the top players and the role players are very slim. The difference is teamwork, coaching, defense, discipline and hardwork. The days of Michael Jordan one man show is long gone.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 6:47 pm
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wtf wang has a wife and a kid? the kid is gonna be the next yao...

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 7:21 pm
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va yao fan 6 wrote:
wtf wang has a wife and a kid? the kid is gonna be the next yao...

Well, I posted that back in December 2003 already that Wang Zhizhi got married in 2003 with his Beijing girl friend; they had a child in April 2004. ... ght=#64354

And in the following post dated March this year, I've also reported that Wang Zhizhi's 1-year old son, Jerry Wang Xilin 王熙麟 is already 84cm tall......i.e. 2ft 9 !!! ... ht=#172700

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