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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 1:11 am
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A critical Yao Ming fan posted yesterday in the chatroom a post criticizing Yao Ming attitude on court: that he seemed to be making lame excuses about putting the team first, very concerned about his relationship with (and the feelings of) Steve Francis and other team mates, and that he escaped responsibilities to be the go-to-guy or the leader (i.e. Lao Dai - Big Boss) of the team. He thought that it was due to this "escapist" state of mind that Yao Ming's performance in the recent games were sub par and had been subject to severe criticism from JVG, fan bases in USA and China; and a few games down the road, he would be tired and exhausted and yearn for rest, but the poster reminded Yao Ming that NBA is not a place for rest, and that he should break his psychological barrier to shoulder more responsibilities. ... &trange=-1

Here is what Yao Ming's response: "Let me ask you first; if you have to put it this way, when do you think I can take a rest ?? I am not saying I want to escape, but I just want to ask you to think for me when I can take rest. I knew that NBA is not a place for rest."

SO, do you think Yao Ming is being sarcastic or he is p%ssed by this fan's bashing/criticism ???
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 1:45 am
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hehe I think fans are starting to ask Yao Ming to do too much these days and start criticizing when he doesnt meet expectations. Yao's human too, how would you feel when people kept on telling you to do the same thing over and over again, that comment looked like his getting a bit pissed IMO. look at it this way, he is improving from last year and the Rockets are winning, therefore we shouldnt worry too much. When the time comes he will shine :D

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 9:53 am
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Can you guyz go there and post a thread and ask yao to visit this site also. :D :D :D :D

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 1:10 pm
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Nov 6
We're off to a good start. 3-1 isn't bad. But we expect to continue to improve. I'm starting to feel really comfortable with my game and my role on the team. Coach Van Gundy wants me to be more agressive, and his advice gives me a lot of confidence. I was used to being more agressive in China. But although I'm not a rookie anymore, I am still getting used to the team and playing in the NBA. I think with more time, I will definitely become the player that the coach and the team expects me to be.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 1:18 pm
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thanks for translating, but your links are distorting the page. If you have to post it, why don't you use [url =]***
[/ url] for such a long link

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 1:23 pm
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Yao Ming is a little bit pissed. There were too many posts criticizing you. Yao replied to a translation of a post originally posted in *****.net: (Sorry bblock120 I posted (and translated) your post but Yao didn't see it.)

Original post (I heard its author is TannerSearle78, but a pretty good post nonetheless)
Back to Yao. First off, Yao is good. To quote Shaq: "???? good." Now that's outta the way, I want to add one more glaring fact: Yao is a wimp. I love the guy, but I'm not blind to the fact that he has the ball down deep against a guy he can overpower . . . and then passes it out. Turn and piledrive! What's the point in adding 18 pounds of muscle if you're just going to do fadeaways and hook shots. Wanna know why Yao is foul prone? Because he doesn't play the kind of big-man game that elicits from the Zebras favorable calls. This is the NBA, not the CBA. IN the CBA, I'm sure the refs go by the book with their codified notions of everyone respecting each other, not getting in someone's face, yada yada yada yada. In the NBA, in America, getting in someone's face is the way to give respect and to get it. If Yao turns around and starts driving to the basket for a slam, sure, the refs might call a foul, probably foul after foul at first--but eventually, like someone said (said very well, in fact), the refs are going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Most refs aren't just about calling what the rules say in the BB handbook. They're about regulating the game, and, if possible, allowing a game-flow that will make it more exciting for the fans. I'm sure in NBA-Ref school, Stern tells them this in one way or another. Let the kids play. Shaq drives to the basket and should be called for charging half the time but doesn't get a foul because the fans love power and hustling--and so do the refs. After all, they're human and, once, a long time ago, they were basketball fans, too.

Refs reward honest to God hard work. They reward hustling. That's why guys like Shaq and Ben Wallace thrive. Someone's got to tell Yao this. For the love of humanity, someone has got to get it into his head that if he tears whoever's guarding him a new one by clawing to the hoop and slamming it in, the refs will honor it--it'll bring the inner fan out of the Black-and-white Striped Agent Smiths.

Look at all the greats. They're the GREATS, because they know the rules and the game and have the skill to bend the rules and transcend the fundamental structure of the game to raise it to a whole new level. No one becomes Neo by doing what they're told, and being a cookie-cutter player. You got to break out. You got to scream to the basket like you're pre-historic cave-man trying to break out of ice. Wanna know why Amare got the Rookie of the Year award? Because that single aspect of his aggressive game made everyone overlook the other skills he lacked.

Fundamentals and finesse is great, but you got to have that primal edge, Yao! Jeff Van Gundy. Ewing. If ANY of you guys are reading this, heed my advice. You gotta free Yao's mind. You gotta make him believe that he can dodge bullets, or stop them, and that he owns this team. He can't do it without his teammates, of course, but when he's in the paint with the ball, he has to become the hulk and want one thing: to stuff that rock!

Yao is wimp. He is a pansy. He's a momma's boy. Anyone getting pissed? Good. If we all say it, and say it loud enough, maybe Yao will hear it and get pissed and toughen up.

I saw one of Yao's games in China when they aired it on American TV. It was the final with Korea. Yao controlled his teammates like a dictator. When he was in the paint, he was screaming in Chinese (which I can't understand), but screaming is screaming. HE WAS SCREAMING FOR THE BALL. He was screaming for the ball with a face that said, "If you don't give me the ball, I'm going to beat your ***** after the game." He MADE himself the center of the game. And, because of that, he dominated. Back in Asia, He knows--he knows like it's ????ure--that he's the best player around, and because of that he has the confidence to demand the rock.

Back here, he's a little more confident then he was last year in the league, but he's still too polite. You're here, Yao. You're an NBA player now. You're not an exchange student. you're entitled to it all.

Yao was better than everyone in Asia, sure. Yao is great here, but if he really wanted. Like if he really wanted to (ala Shaq and Ben Wallace), he could dominate everyone here. There is so much about his talent and his phyisque that he just not USING in the game. What he is using, alone, is great, but imagine if he used EVERYTHING he had, and even more than everything. Determination is what makes a player use more than the sum of his own parts to get things done--that's what makes them, for 48 minutes, god-like. It's like Good WIll Hunting, when Ben Affleck calls Matt Damon's character a total wuss, adding that Matt Damon has something no one else has, that he's sitting on a lottery ticket and is too much of a wimp to cash it.

Yao is sitting on lottery ticket, and all he has to do is cash it. Guys, Yao is not a stick. He's not a push over. Skinnier centers than him have torn sh1t up in the past. Skinnier players. Tim Duncan doesn't look thicker than Yao. In a lot of pictures, Yao actually looks thicker. It's all in the mind. Yao still needs to get bigger, but even with his current build and weight, if he just believed he was hella badass, he could nearly reach Shaq (3-peat championship) dominance. In THIS season. If we were to take a machine and supplant a new personality in Yao tonight. Like a personality of an absolute killer, with that same build, he would tear people in half and scare the crap out of people. Yao needs to get stronger and bigger, still, but he's as big and strong as he needs to be to kick *****.

He's not getting the ball? I'll vouch for that. But if he stopped acting like a foriegn exchange student, and realize that he's a teammate, and the best offensive option on his team, and realize what all those things entitle, and demands the ball--like DEMANDS the ball--with his voice, his body, his aggression, his attitude . . . Francis, Mobely, everyone will give him the ???? ball like they don't ever want to see the thing again.

These guys want to give Yao the ball. They do. They wouldn't be trying game after game if they didn't. They wouldn't stay on the team if they didn't. But Yao has to WANT the ball so much that Francis and Mobely don't have to be reminded. Yao gets so quiet--though not as quiet as last year, but, still pretty ******g quiet--that I think Francis and Mobely forget to get Yao the ball. I'm serious. If Yao just takes control and gets pissed, if he shows some initiative, if he yells like the player he is (the player who has a much bigger part of the team pie than the likes of someone like, let's say, Moochie), his teammates will back him up. They'll not show him not only relational respect, but COURT-RESPECT.

The other guys need to pass the ball, but the onus doesn't fall on them. It doesn't fall on Van Gundy. It doesn't fall on Ewing. It falls on Yao.

Yao getting the ball STARTS with Yao demanding the ball. Getting good position down deep and being visibly open isn't enough. You got to make your presence known. You got to make them get you the ball. It's THAT attitude that makes you a center to begin with, not your height or your fancy skills and soft touch. It's the attitude that at any moment, someone is going to take away everything you have, and you can't have that--it's streetball, cage ball gruff.

I hope Colin Pine is reading this so he can relay this to Yao. Sure, 19 to 20 points a game is great. But I know--we ALL know--that if Yao freed his mind and released the animal within, he could easily--and I mean EASILY--score 30 to 40 every other game.

Yao's reply: 2003-11-5 3:30pm
I just can't ignore such a good post. I do feel that coach really wants me to play more aggresively during these days. I also miss the dominant feeling in the Asian Championships, and I believe I can also find it here sooner or later. Hereby I just want thank you for translating such good comments, whick makes me think about a lot of things.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 1:40 pm
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Fan: A few thoughts
I think Yao's problem is still a psychological problem. I have the following suggestions: One, currently the Rockets are at the stage of rebuilding, and you still have to tolerate, Francis' skills are average, but he has some deep roots, so we shouldn't provoke him at this moment. After a few moments, I really can't say anything positive about Francis' character, he's really selfish. Two, you have to strengthen your English skills, to faciliate your communication with your teammates. As the saying goes, a hero needs helps. Three, NBA does emphasis on individualism, Yao Ming you got unlimited skills, so you have to have the determination to take over too. If you express your aggressiveness in a few games, you will get the acknowledgment. Sometimes when you're more aggressive you may have more fouls, but don't worry, you have to know what you want, if you persist you will succeed, you have the necessary skills. Four, I recommend "Sun Tsu's Laws of War" to Yao, when you communicate with them black people, they're very united, because in America they're minorities just like you. So it's important to have strategies.

Yao Ming 2003-11-6 11:23pm
Thanks for your comments and care. But a few things I have to correct you: First, SF3's character is not like what you think, even if he were a little selfish (I said if), you can't infer that his character isn't good. To me his very good-tempered, like a child. I absolutely agree with your second point----English! This is not the English you study in the classroom, it's the unique American Ebonics, a lot of stuff you can't find Chinese translations so you have to remember them, but it's interesting. As of your last point, I still have a few questions that I haven't thought through, so I won't comment on it at this moment. Anyway thanks for your post.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 1:43 pm
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i think it would be very weird if Yao show up at practice one day and start calling everybody Homies and Dudes

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 2:16 pm
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I saw his replies and his talks with the media, including insiders from Yang Yi. After all he's a person who talks this and does that. Off the court he talks about how good he is, he can school so-and-so, and on the court every time he faces challenges he gives up. This is common to young people, they like to brag, it's all due to the society trend, if you don't brag people don't pay attention to you. In short, Ah-Q mentality. But for a person who wants to become an NBA star, this attitude needs to change. It'll go right if he switches the two attitudes. Off the court, when he finishes the game, he needs to be more polite, he needs to praise the opponents, like what O'Neal does, calling Yao Ming "Damn good"----but who knows what he's really thinking! Even to his best friend he shouldn't say bad things about others behind their backs, for instance taking care of so-and-so, so-and-so isn't my match. All these thoughts should be kept before the game, to tell the opponents on the court, to think of himself as a superman, as god, as the omnipotent, and if he can feel the blood seething every time on the court, to bite everybody like a mad dog, then that's right. I can't imagine if Yao Ming can become a superstar without such feeling, this is a feeling belonging to a superstar. A superstar owns such mentality, even if he plays like ****** he knows he's the best, he'll go on and shoot shamelessly, because he knows it himself, I will come back. Yao Ming is afraid that once he got aggressive he'll perform like a piece of ******, he always thinks like "If I shoot 0 for 10, what will others think, will they feel I'm garbage?Bullshit, you have the highest FG % in the whole team, if you shoot 0 for 10, others will shoot 0 for 20, why don't you have the least confidence in yourself? Even if you don't have the ability to shoot all the time, if you don't try how can you improve? When the coach makes you the offensive focus, he's valuing your abilities, so you should shoot like a mad dog, who cares about the FG %, the coach doesn't have patience? Will you lose your status in the team? Even if there were some effects, it takes time, no coach will lose faith in a player after 3 or 4 games. A superstar needs time to develop, every coach knows that. Now the problem why the coach is losing faith in you is because you don't even have the confidence to try, because you care about your reputation too much! You should play shamelessly, and it can be thought of the propelling force to win over reputations. You need to have the guts to expose all your weaknesses on the floor, therefore you will have the drive to work hard, to improve, to fix problems, by all means possible, to work your heart out. Only so will you improve your skills, will we see a Yao Ming like a mad dog, a Yao Ming who works hard to win his reputation back. The more you dare to try, the more you'll get, if you never tries, you'll never know your weaknesses, and you'll never improve. Chinese people like their reputations so much, that's why our soccer and basketball programs have no improvement. Yao Ming! The opportunities are before you, not everyone has this opportunity, Cato, Moochie, JJ, and even Cat don't have such opportunity. Now your teammates are laughing at you, you know? A coward who's afraid of trying. Don't be afraid of losing faces, every game you should have a mindset of scoring 30 points, every night you should be thinking of being better than others, you are the man, you know, like a quote from Stephen Chow's, you are the best, do you know that?

Yao Ming 2003-11-5 12:05am
When I play basketball I'd better not think about my reputation, everything needs to subject to the situation on the court, aggression is required, but I'm going to say something you guys probably don't like to hear: Don't go "aggressive" "aggressive" all the time, I'm tired of listening to that already.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 2:27 pm
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oops, Rick_Hunter already posted the translations to TannerSearle's post and the my last one, sorry. ... 5386#25386

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