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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 8:01 am
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Photos of Yao Ming watching the game from the court side.

He must be pretty exhausted with all his activities of the recent week, and was seen yawning during the lacklustre game.











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PostPosted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:30 am
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So another night of free pizza for the fans !!!

Without Boss Yao watching them from the courtside, the Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks still proved they can win. They beat the visiting Shandong Kingston Lions 127 ~ 114 tonight (January 22) in Pudong Yuanshen Stadium, and thereby picked up their 11th win of the season and extending their current winning streak to 5.

The game was a closely contested affairs in 1H, with Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks leading 34 ~ 27 in 1Q, but the Shandong Kingston Lions came back strong in 2Q to end 1H leading 52 ~ 50.

But then relying on their tough defense and 3-pointer sharpshooting, Shanghai Sharks erupted in 3Q 43 ~ 28, to end 3Q leading 93 ~ 80 with 13 points. They further extended their lead to 20 points in 4Q, and relegated the game to garbage time when Bob Donewald Jr. rested the starters and sent in all local bench players for the last 4 minutes.

Liu Wei and John Lucas III combined for 65 points; John Lucas III: 36 points (12/19 FG% 4/6 3-pointer% 8/8 FT%)/2 rebounds/6 assists; Liu Wei: 29 points (9/15 FG% 3/5 3-pointer% 8/9 FT%)/3 rebounds/6 assists/3 steals; Zaid Abbas: 9 points (3/7 FG% 1/2 3-pointer% 2/3 FT%)/12 rebounds/6 assists/4 steals/1 block shot; Garret Siler: 19 points (8/8 FG% 3/8 FT%)/8 rebounds/2 block shots; Li Gen and Wang Ligang contributed 11 points apiece.

On Shandong side, their veteran expat, Andre Emmet who had played in NBA, and European leagues of Lithuania, Belgium and France, had an awesome game, scoring 42 points (16/29 FG% 2/8 3-pointer% 8/11 FT%)/7 rebounds/3 assists/3 steals; 2000 #2 pick for Memphis Grizzlies and ex Rockets Stromile Swift played poorly in this game against Garret Siler, only scored 13 points (5/8 FG% 3/3 FT%)/5 rebounds/3 block shots; Wu Ke (19 points) and Sun Jie (18 points) contributed 37 points for their team.

So Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks improved to 11W 3L, but they will face stern test in next week, playing away from home, versus Dongguan New Century Leopards (Sunday), Guangdong Dongguan Bank (i.e. Hongyuan Tigers) (Wednesday), and Zhejiang Guangsha Lions (Friday).

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:14 am
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In their away game in Da Lang Dongguan, Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks thrashed Dongguan New Century Leopards 131 ~ 108.

The game was basically over in 1Q,
as Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks, relying on some tough defense, and sharp shooting, led Dongguan New Century Leopards 44 vs 27. And this was a new scoring record for CBA in this season for a single quarter.

Playing porous defense, Dongguan New Century Leopards never managed to climb out of the big hole they dug out for themselves after that. And by the 4 minute mark of 4Q, Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks already sent on every of their young reserve players to rest the starters.

The dynamic duo, John Lucas III and Liu Wei continued to dominate, combined for 65 points. John Lucas III: 34 points (15/22 FG% 3/6 3-pointer% 1/2 FT%)/2 rebounds/5 assists; Liu Wei: 31 points (13/21 FG% 4/8 3-pointer% 1/1 FT%)/4 rebounds/6 assists/3 steals.

Zaid Abbas: 8 points (3/5 FG% 2/2 FT%)/4 rebounds/2 assists/1 block shot; Garret Siler had a double-double: 10 points (4/4FG% 2/2 FT%)/10 rebounds. Wang Yong (11 points) and Li Gen (16 points) combined for 27 points.

Dongguan New Century Leopards was affected with the absence of Zhang Kai due to injury.
6 of their players were in double-digit scoring. Tre Kelley, their shooting guard, 25 points/1 rebound/2 assists; Cedric Simmons: 18 points/6 rebounds/4 block shots; Song Kangming: 10 points/4 rebounds/2 assists; Meng Duo: 14 points/2 rebounds/2 assists; Qiyu Biao: 19 points/7 rebounds; He Zhongmian: 19 points/7 rebounds.

So Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks established their second winning streak of 6, and improved to 12W 3L. They will face their sternest test in their next match when they face Guangdong Hongyuan Dongguan Bank Tigers on Wednesday.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:13 am
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Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks' second winning streak of 6 was snapped when they lost to Guangdong Hongyuan Dongguan Bank Tigers 103 ~ 97 in Dongguan tonight.

But Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks should not be discouraged. They showed that they had slowly gelled and grown to be a team showing character and tenacity.

The game was closely contested in the 1H, with Guangdong Hongyuan Tigers taking a 29 ~ 26 and 48 ~ 42, 6 points lead into 3Q.

But in 3Q, since Zaid Abbas and Wang Ligang all got 4 to 5 fouls, and they had used up 3 expats in the 1H, they had to play most of 3Q without a centre, and had to rely on exterior shooting.

Guangdong Hongyuan Tigers made use of the opportunity to carve out a 20+ points lead. Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks reduced the deficit by sending on Garret Siler in the last 2 minutes, resting John Lucas III, and ended 3Q 79 ~ 62, trailing by a 17 point gap.

Playing their 2 expat + Zaid Abbas in 4Q, Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks further reduced the deficit to 8 points by the 7 minutes point, before Guangdong Hongyuan Tigers relying on a 7-point contribution from Zhu Fangyu and Wang Shipeng to stretch it back to 19 points by 5:30 minutes mark.

Shanghai Sharks did not give up, and managed to reduce the deficit to 101 vs 97 with 1 minutes left.

But a missed layup by Liu Wei and then another turnover down at the low post by Garret Siler gave Smush Parker a free trip to the charity line to seal the win 103 ~ 97.

John Lucas III scored 32 points (12/30 FG% 6/18 3-pointer% 2/2 FT%)/3 rebounds/1 assist. Liu Wei: 19 points (8/19 FG% 3/6 3-pointer%)/8 rebounds/3 assists/6 steals. Garret Siler: 13 points (5/8 FG% 3/6 FT%)/10 rebounds/2 assists; Zaid Abbas: 0 points (0/2 FG%)/11 rebounds/1 assists; Wang Ligang: 18 points (6/15 FG% 6/13 3-pointer%)/3 rebounds; Wang Yong contributed 10 points;

Smush Parker almost got a triple double: 18 points (5/11 FG% 0/3 3-pointer% 8/8 FT%)/11 rebounds/7 assists/3 steals; both Wang Shipeng and Zhu Fangyu were playing below par due to tight defense of Shanghai Sharks. Zhu Fangyu: 8 points(3/13 FG% 1/7 3-pointer% 1/2 FT%) and Wang Shipeng: 10 points (3/10 FG% 1/5 3-pointer% 3/4 FT%). David Harrison who used to play for Indiana Pacers scored a "triple double" 21 points (9/13 FG% 3/7 FT%)/11 rebounds/10 turnovers/3 block shots. Zhou Peng contributed 16 points (5/8 FG% 2/5 3-pointer% 4/4 FT%).

So Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks dropped to 12W 4L and missed the chance to get closer to the leading pack.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:18 am
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Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks lost a crucial match last night to go up to #3 in the league, and insteads they got surpassed by Jiangsu Nangang Dragons and now dropped to 5th.

Like in their debut game of the season, they lost 117 ~ 115 to Zhejiang Guangsha again in the nicks of nano seconds, but this time, there was no over time.

Wang Fei, Zhjiang Guangsha's head coach, again out-smarted Bob Donewald Jr. by sticking to use their local players first, and reserved their expat players for the second half.

Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks did managed to stretch a 17-point lead (64 ~ 47) by half time.

But Zhejiang Guangsha relying on Peter John Ramos and Rodney White in 3Q, managed to crawl back into the game 82 ~ 90 by end of 3Q.

In 4Q, as a few of the interior players of Shanghai Sharks got 4 to 5 fouls on them, Zhejiang Guangsha continued to penetrate and attack the interior in 4Q, and they succeeded to tie and then surpass Shanghai Sharks, and was leading 112 to 109 with 48 seconds left.

The next 48 seconds was the mosting dramatic and exciting basketball I ever seen in CBA.

Garret Siler fouled out; Zhang Wei made his 2 free throws; Zhejiang Guangsha leading 115 ~ 109. Wang Ligang scored on Sharks' next offesnsive possession. Zaid Abbas sent Rodney White onto the free throw line; Rodney White missed both of the fre throws but Zhang Wei grabbed the rebound, and Wang Yong fouled out; Jin Lipeng made 1 out of 2 of the free throws.

10.2 seconds left for Shanghai Sharks. 111 ~ 115 4 points behind. Liu Wei made his first free throw. He intentionally missed his second free throw; Li Gen grabbed the rebound, passed to Liu Wei, and Liu wei passed to John Lucas III for a clutch 3-pointer that tie the game 115 ~ 115.

With 5 seconds left, while alot of the fans and the Shanghai Sharks players were thinking about another over time, Rodney White had an easy dunk for 2 points, when Zaid Abbas slipped and fell while trying to help defense on him.

Liu Wei tried to shoot a 3-pointer with 2.5 seconds left to win the game but was blocked by Peter John Ramos.

A real heartbreaking loss for the Shanghai Sharks.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:38 am
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Scoring wise, John Lucas III and Liu Wei combined for 50 points; John Lucas III: 28 points (11/24 FG%, 4/9 3-pointer% 2/2 FT%)/2 rebounds/7 assists/1 steal; Liu Wei: 22 points (7/18 FG% 1/6 3-pointer% 7/8 FT%)/8 rebounds/5 assists/1 steal.
Zaid Abbas scored 11 points/7 rebounds, while Garret Siler scored 9 points/5 rebounds.

Wang Ligang and Wang Yong combined for 31 points; Wang Ligang: 16 points (6/10 FG% 4/6 3-pointer%); Wang Yong: 15 points (5/9 FG% 3/5 3-pointer% 2/2 FT%).

On Zhejiang Guangsha, their 2 expat combined for 46 points. Rodney White: 26 points (9/19 FG% 3/6 3-pointer% 5/8 FT%)/15 rebounds/1 assist; Peter John Ramos: 20 points (10/13 FG% 0/1 FT%)/11 rebounds/1 assist;

Lin Chih Chieh, "The Beast", from Chinese Taipei played solid and contributed 10 points/9 rebounds/4 assists.

2 local players, Zhang Wei and Jin Lipeng combined for 35 points; Jin Lipeng: 17 points (6/12 FG% 4/7 3-pointer% 1/2 FT%) and Zhang Wei: 18 points (3/10 FG% 2/9 3-pointer% 10/12 FT%).

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 8:01 am
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Despite playing without Liu Wei (who got injured in the loss to Zhejiang Guangsha), Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks bounced back to winning ways, snapped their losing streak of 2, and got their sweet revenge over Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank (formerly known as Zhejiang Wanma) 100 ~ 90 in Pudong Yuanshen Stadium.

Another free pizza night for the home court fans !!

But it was a hard earned win for the Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks to make up for the absence of their mastermind Liu Wei.

They stretched to a 17 point lead by the [b]4 minutes mark in 1Q,[/b] but went into a drought and let Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank crawled back into the game to end 1Q 27 ~ 23.

Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks relying on some sharpshooting from John Lucas III stretched their lead to 15 points (53 ~ 38 ) by half time.

But as in their previous game with Shanghai Sharks, the Zhejiang team sent on their 2 expat in 3Q and managed to reduce the deficit to only 3 points (71 ~ 68 ) by end of 3Q.

As Shanghai Sharks can play again with 2 expats in 4Q, they managed to stretch the lead back to 8 to 10 points, and finally, the home crowd roared as Garret Siler dunked to reach the century mark with less than 1 minutes to lead by double digit, for the fans knew they once again earned their free pizza for the night.

As usual, John Lucas III was the top scorer with 26 points (9/19 FG% 6/13 3-pointer% 2/2 FT%)/6 rebounds/4 assists; Garret Siler: 18 points (7/7 FG% 4/5 FT%)/9 rebounds; Zaid Abbas had a double-double: 12 points (4/7 FG% 4/4 FT%)/15 rebounds/3 assists/1 block shot; Meng Lingyuan stepped up as backup for Liu Wei and contributed 12 points and 7 assists; Wang Ligang and Wang Yong combined for 20 points, scoring 3 3-pointers each.

On Zhejiang side, Marcus Williams and Andre Brown combined for 50 points; Marcus Williams: 33 points (12/22 FG% 5/7 3-pointer% 4/7 FT%)4 rebounds/3 assists; Andre Brown had a double-double: 17 points (8/13 FG% 1/3 FT%)/10 rebounds; Zhao Yonggang (14 points) and Ding Jinhui (13 points) combined for 27 points.

So Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks improved to 13W 5L.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:40 am
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Despite Head Caoch Donewald Jr was banned by CBA for 2 games for swearing to referees in the loss to Zhejiang Guangsha 2 games ago, and Li Gen banned for 1 game for damaging lockers in the locker room in Zhejiang, Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks still managed to beat Beijing Capital Steel Ducks 106 ~ 99 on their home court tonight.

For 2nd consecutive game, Liu Wei the could not play due to injury. But Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks was not affected, and led from start to finish.

The scoreline: 1Q: 32 ~ 16; 2Q: 58 ~ 43; 3Q: 83 ~ 66; 4Q: 106 ~ 99.

Shanghai Sharks were playing some very fast attacking basketball, relying heavily on their sharp-shooting from the exterior. Their 3-pointer% was even higher than their 2-pointer%; they made only 41.7 % (15/36) of their 2-pointers, but 52.5% (21/40) of their 3-pointers.

John Lucas III was again the top scorer with 36 points (14/25 FG% 6/9 3-pointer% 2/2 FT%)/4 rebounds/5 assists; their backup centre, Wang Ligang continued shooting the lights out with 18 points making 6 3-pointers (6/17 FG% 6/14 3-pointer%)/8 rebounds; Wang Yong contributed 20 points (6/12 FG% 5/8 3-pointer% 3/3 FT%), while Luo Xudong scored 12 points (5/9 FG% 2/5 3-pointer%).

So another free pizza night for the fans, and they improved to 14W 5L.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:47 am
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Another free pizza night for the fans at Pudong Yuanshen Stadium tonight !!!

Despite their head coach Bob Donewald Jr. was still banned and Liu Wei still absent for this game through injury, Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks easily dispatched of Tianjin Ronggang Golden Lions 116 ~ 92 to strike up another winning streak of 3.

The Shanghai Sharks again had a higher 3-pointer% than their 2-pointer%....
They made 17 out of 32 of their 3-pointers, which was a whooping 53.1%, but only made 23 out of 44 of their 2-pointers (52.3%).

John Lucas III was again the top scorer; he scored 35 points (13/23 FG% 8/14 3-pointer% 1/2 FT%)/4 rebounds/4 assists; Garret Siler had a perfect outing, scoring a double-double: 20 points/13 rebounds/3 block shots and was 100% in his scoring (7/7 FG% 6/6 FT%). Zaid Abbas was in foul troubles, and only scored 6 points/7 rebounds; Wang Yong also had a double-double: 18 points (4/13 FG% 4/7 3-pointer% 6/6 FT%)/11 rebounds;

The best player on the Tianjin side was Rony Fahed of Lebanon. He scored 20 points (6/15 FG% 4/9 3-pointer% 4/4 FT%)/3 rebounds/3 assists. Their 2 expats Herve Lamizana and Brandon Crump were not giving their all, and their play were so disappointing that they were glued to the bench for the whole 4Q by their head coach when the game was basically out of their reach. Brandon Crump had a double-double: 16 points/12 rebounds, while Herve Lamizana contributed only 12 points/6 rebounds and
ZERO assist.

So Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks improved to 15W 5L.... a 75% winning team.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:16 am
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The Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks had a scare and barely won 110 ~ 105 away in Shaanxi tonight.

After sitting out with injury for 3 games, Liu Wei returned to start. And the 2-game ban of their Head Coach Bob Donewald Jr. was also lifted.

But the Shaanxi team almost gave them a scare in 1Q. Despite playing with only 1 expat, Tim Pickett, with the other expat Corsley Edwards sitting out the game due to injury, the Shaanxi team started the game with a 7 ~ 0 run; they exchanged leads with the Sharks amd eventually 1Q ended in a tied game (31 ~ 31). Their 18-year-old 2.14M centre Zheng Zhun showed some pretty good finesse skills scoring 12 points (including 2 3-pointers) in 1Q.

The Shaanxi team even led at one time over 12 points in 2Q, when the Sharks could only play 1 expat. But then the Sharks shifted to rely alot on their sturdy centre, Garret Siler down at the low post. They stretched the lead to 10 points by end of 3Q, and never let the Shaanxi team any chance for coming back.

Garret Siler had one of his best game since joining the Sharks. He scored 34 points (15/16 FG% 4/5 FT%)/7 rebounds; Could be reserving his energy for their next game versus Xinjiang Guanghui, John Lucas III only played in 1H, scoring 19 points (7/15 FG% 5/7 3-pointer%). Zaid Abbas had 8 points/10 rebounds; Liu Wei: 14 points (5/9 FG% 2/4 3-pointer% 2/5 FT%)/3 rebounds/2 assists.Wang Yong (16 points) and Luo Xudong (13) combined to contribute 29 points.

On Shaanxi side, 3 players were in double digits: Tim Pickett had 45 points (16/23 FG% 7/9 3-pointer% 6/7 FT%)/5 assists. Zhao Nan: 21 points (8/12 FG% 1/3 3-pointer% 4/6 FT%); Zheng Zhun: 24 points (10/17 FG% 3/7 3-pointer% 1/1 FT%)/9 rebounds.

So the Sharks improved to 16W 5 L and extended their winning streak to 4.

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