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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 9:33 pm
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ThePrivate wrote:
red reported this info about mcgrady missing media day almost 7 hrs before anybody at klutch.

even feigen and blinebury didn't know about it.

i can't believe no one picked up on how quicky red reported this info!

Who the F cares? Its McG missing media day, how big of a non-story is that? Thats why no one reported. Like Yao missing media day, the only people who care about it are some of the tards on this board, who have to stretch a non-story into like 5 pages.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 7:08 am
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ArcticMonkey2 wrote:
ThePrivate wrote:
red reported this info about mcgrady missing media day almost 7 hrs before anybody at klutch.

even feigen and blinebury didn't know about it.

i can't believe no one picked up on how quicky red reported this info!

Who the F cares? Its McG missing media day, how big of a non-story is that? Thats why no one reported. Like Yao missing media day, the only people who care about it are some of the tards on this board, who have to stretch a non-story into like 5 pages.

i think it has more to do with not too many post at this site.

i don't think i have ever read any of your postings.

klutch has over 8,640 views and 142 postings about yao missing the start of training camp. and a few of the regular posters here are posting more at klutch lately than here.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:30 pm
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 4:28 am
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Oct. 2, 2007, 2:01AM

Rockets face sobering reality of new coach's system
Yao set to arrive on Wednesday after obligations in Shanghai

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

For months, it was all fresh and exciting. New coach. New system. New players.

Then the offseason ended. The Rockets reported Monday for the start of training camp. And all that had been so encouraging turned into a chilling reality.

As much as changes thrill in the offseason, in the preseason, combining a new coach and new system with new players brings a considerably more sobering challenge, with the Rockets in a rush to put it all together by the Oct. 30 opener against the Lakers.

"That's what coaches get paid the big bucks to do," Rockets forward Shane Battier said. "The main goal of the GM is to bring in as much talent as they can, and the coach's job is to make the talent work. No question, we have a lot of personalities and great talents on this team. It's up to the coaching staff and us to blend that talent together to become the best team."

The rush to adjust might be slowed with Yao Ming missing much of the Austin training camp. Yao, attending the Global Special Olympics in Shanghai, is scheduled to arrive in Houston late Wednesday, take his physicals Thursday and join practices Friday.

Tracy McGrady missed Monday's media day to attend his grandfather's funeral in Florida, but was in Austin on Monday evening and will practice today.

"There's going to be a process," coach Rick Adelman said. "There's things we've done in the past I know are successful, but ... I've got to see it with the guys in this group. We're going to be tweaking things as we go. We have to take the strengths they had last year and then try to add to them. That's what's going to be interesting, to watch Steve (Francis) come in, and Mike (James) and Luis (Scola), and all the new people coming in, changing the dynamics. Then having a new coaching staff, it's going to be different. It's going to be a lot different."

The Rockets expect to have at least four players in the rotation that were not with the team or rarely played last season. With 19 players under contract, Adelman and first-year general manager Daryl Morey will need the preseason to make four roster cuts by Oct. 26, while Adelman sorts through an unusually large group of players likely to receive less playing time than in the past, all while installing an offensive system different than the one used by Jeff Van Gundy the past four seasons.

"I think it's a major thing," Morey said of making adjustments quickly. "For coach and myself, we have a lot of roster decisions to make first. We have a lot of rotation and minutes decisions to make after that. It's extraordinarily important that we get those right.

"I do think we'll have time after the beginning to get it right, but in the West, which is very competitive, getting off to a good start is something we would like to do. That said, we're most focused on playing extremely well at the end of the year."

In the Rockets' first 14 games, they have 10 against teams in the playoffs last season, including two against the champion Spurs, one against the previous champion Miami Heat, and one each against the other top Western Conference teams, the Jazz, Mavericks and Suns.

"It's very important to get a good start," forward Bonzi Wells said. "You don't want to be one of those teams that lose a couple, win one, lose a couple and next thing you know, you're 3-7.

"You want to get off to a good streak even though we have a tough schedule early. We want to be in the upper echelon before the All-Star break and make our run after that.

"It's tough, especially when you assemble a whole lot of new guys."

Adelman said he likes the flexibility of the roster, citing Francis, McGrady, James and Battier as those who can play multiple positions. But that also will increase the number of roster combinations to evaluate, and adjustments to make.

"I hope I have a decent handle on players and who they are," Adelman said. "I think I have a pretty good idea about the nine or 10 I anticipate are going to be the key players for us. Maybe someone else is going to surprise and change that. You owe it to the players to work themselves in or work themselves out. We do a lot of scrimmaging. That's going to tell us a lot.

"It's going to be a very competitive, interesting camp."

That figures, after such an interesting offseason. But, with so much so new, the camp and preseason could also be crucial.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 5:49 am
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 8:58 am
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9 to 10 players.

Deke (if, Butler sucks)

made it in roster, but limited PT


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:58 am
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October 02, 2007

Adelman starts naming starters

It hardly seems fair. With all the questions about the Rockets, all that must be determined, Rockets coach Rick Adelman already has some pretty firm ideas about who will start. And they were not even there on Monday.

"I will say for sure," Adelman has already announced, "Tracy and Yao will start."

After that, however, he said to assume nothing, least of all from the clues that might be found in the few minutes practices will be open to the media, the open practice on Monday or the preseason games scheduled to begin on Tuesday.

"One of the things I will tell the team is 'Don't get caught up with who's playing with who right now,' " Adelman said. "That's not an issue with me. Different people are going to play with different guys in different scrimmages and times of the camp. That's just so we can figure it out."

That's the way the preseason goes. After months waiting for evidence to justify the optimism with which teams and fans enter the season, any glimpse can draw conclusions.

That can be a foolish way to view things, particularly this season, with Adelman holding much longer practices than the Rockets have seen in recent years. With 3 1/2 hours on the court each day, it would be wrong to assume anything from the five or 10 minutes we're likely to see.

With that out of the way, however, there is a rush to get things together. If the Rockets had many new players or a had new coach and system, the challenge of the preseason would be daunting enough. They have both.

So who should play? That might be about who adopts most quickly. After Yao and McGrady, the Rockets will rely on players that can make this new offense click, who can run it smoothly and instinctively, and take advantage of the improvisational opportunities that will bring.

Bonzi Wells might have been a likelhe is hurty candidate to do that, but and will miss the seven Austin practices. Wells has spent a season with Adelman and is a smart player so he should adjust quickly, but having him run things smoothly will not help others, at least not early, as it could have.

The summer league guys should be helpful in that regard, though the contract impasse with Carl Landry kept him out of town during the three-on-three summer workouts. Mike Harris, Aaron Brooks and Steve Novak, who struggled with the new system in Las Vegas, should be ready to run from the first practices.

The big minutes, however, were not expected to go to the summer league team. Mike James and Steve Francis were often at Toyota Center this summer (Steve not as much after the birth of his second child about two weeks ago) and should have a good head start on things.

The frontcourt guys - Yao, Shane Battier and Luis Scola - seem well-suited for the system, and as always, Chuck Hayes was a fixture at Toyota Center and should be used to things.

So maybe the adjustment will not be so rocky, after all. Then again, the Spurs, Mavericks and Suns don't have to adjust to much of anything.

For the Rockets, a team filled with change and players with something to prove, the first thing to see might be who adjusts most quickly. With that in mind, it might be time to head to practice and draw conclusions from those last five minutes.

Posted by Jonathan Feigen at October 2, 2007 10:04 AM

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 6:54 pm
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October 02, 2007

Different strokes: Jeff Van Who?

Night and day.

Up and down.

The North Pole and the Equator.

Rosie O'Donnell and Cameron Diaz.

Practices run by Jeff Van Gundy and Rick Adelman.

Can you tell the difference?

"Oh my," said Kirk Snyder. "This was about not holding anybody back. This about letting players be players. This was fun today."

It wasn't kindergarten. There was plenty of work to be done and the Rockets used more than three hours to do it on their first day of training camp inside the Denton Cooley Pavilion on the University of Texas campus.

Even more than most other seasons, this will be a work in progress, as the Rockets try to blend in new names such as Luis Scola, Aaron Brooks, Jackie Butler, Justin Reed and Mike Harris in with the core of a veteran roster that is learning a new offense.

But if first impressions mean anything, there was a sense that a burden had been lifted from their task. From the start of the workout to the end, this was different. Where in the past four years, the only voice usually heard was the authoritative dictates of Van Gundy, this time there were breakout sessions, individual workouts with new assistant coaches Jack Sikma and Elston Turner.

Rather than constantly go over and over the finest details of Van Gundy's best-laid plans, there were opportunities for players to react to different situations, interpret them and make their own decisions.

"We got after it. We got up and down the floor and really played basketball," said John Lucas III.

"This was like having the chains taken off and being able to just be a basketball player again," said Snyder.

Tracy McGrady wore a smile on his face that was as broad as the dome on the state capitol building.

Club owner Leslie Alexander watched from a folding chair on the sidelines and, for a change, did not look like a guy whose underwear was too tight.

Scola had never played for Van Gundy. But he has been a part of successful Argentinian national teams that used a similar style offense to win World Championship and Olympic gold medals. He was an MVP for Tau Ceramica in Spain playing this kind of basketball.

"There are, of course, many different ways to have success and to win games," Scola said. "And there are some differences in what Coach Adelman wants to do from those other teams I've been on. But the main part is the same -- have motion, use pick-and-rolls, move the ball and let players make decisions. It's good to play. It's good to watch."

One glimpse at the smiling team owner told you that.

Posted by Fran Blinebury at October 2, 2007 05:58 PM

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:15 pm
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Tuesday October 2, 2007 6:00 PM

Camp Adelman
New coach ushers in new system during his first training camp practice


Damien Pierce Staff Writer

AUSTIN -- Nearly a half hour after finishing his first practice with Rick Adelman, Rockets forward Shane Battier gushed over how simple it is to understand his new coach's system.

Still, he doesn't imagine the Rockets made it look so easy at the start of training camp.

"Well, it's pretty amazing how simple his philosophy is on both ends of the floor," Battier said. "But we've got a long way to go to make it look easy."

That is, of course, what the next few weeks are all about.

Less than a month away from the team's season opener against Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers, Adelman began his first season in charge of the Rockets Tuesday afternoon during a three-hour practice at the University of Texas' campus. The coach's initial workout served as his first opportunity to usher in his new philosophy. The Rockets' guards and big men were tutored in separate drills and the coaching staff spent a good portion of their first day answering questions about the team's free-flowing offense. During a scrimmage near the end of practice, Adelman used multiple combinations and tinkered with his lineup by playing guys in several new positions.

Did everything run smootly on day one? Not quite. But Adelman understands it's going to be a process for his team to adjust to a new plan.

"That's the first day," Adelman said. "Everybody was in a hurry to do things. That will come with time. We've got a lot of numbers out there (with 19 guys competing for 15 roster spots) and we're trying to work people in. For never seeing this system and running it for the first time, it didn't surprise me."

The Rockets, coming off a 52-win season that ended in the first round of the playoffs, are certainly adjusting on the fly. During the past four seasons under Jeff Van Gundy, the Rockets ran a predominantly half-court offense that generated most of its production through All-Stars Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming.

Adelman, though, has promised to make things easier on his two stars. Rather than leaning on McGrady and Yao to create offense for everyone else, the Rockets coach wants the duo to get their touches through the flow of the offense. He has his big men, at times, playing further away from the basket as passers and his wings determining their cuts towards the bucket based on what the defense is giving them.

McGrady, who made the first day of training camp after attending his grandfather's funeral in Florida, welcomes the change.

"There is a lot more movement to this offense," McGrady said. "I can play off the ball which is something I didn't do over the past couple of years. I can have guys make plays for me. Last season, it seemed like I was the guy making plays for everybody else and I wasn't on the receiving end. This time, I'm on the receiving end. I'm definitely going to cherish those moments where I'm on the receiving end of a play."

Adelman likes the flexibility of his roster. He pointed out that he used Steve Francis and Mike James together in the same lineup during the team's scrimmage and said he could envision using Tracy McGrady or Shane Battier in the post positions because of their ability to pass the ball from the high post. Right now, he's just trying to get all of his players familiar with doing something new. and finding out what their comfort level is.

"A lot of the stuff we're doing is new to these guys," Adelman said. "They haven't done as much cutting as maybe they've done before without the ball. It's going to take some time, but they were very willing today. But I did tell the guys not to worry about who they're playing with right now because I'm going to mix and match. It doesn't matter who you're playing with right now."

What will certainly take time is implementing those changes with a roster that was overhauled during the summer. The Rockets have at least three new players -- James, Francis and Luis Scola -- who figure to log heavy minutes. That means the team isn't only adjusting to a new system, but learning to play with a new group of talent.

That's why the first practice wasn't exactly an exercise in precision.

"It was rocky," McGrady said. "Guys were running all over the place like a chicken with their head cut off. It was rough today and that's expected coming into the first day of training camp. It's a new system. Guys are out of place and their timing and rhythm is off."

The good news, at least, is that the Rockets can envision how things will look once Adelman's system is installed.

"We have guys that can play multiple positions and we have guys that are willing to sacrifice for the team," Francis said. "Hopefully, we'll keep working hard and it will all come together."

Notable: Bonzi Wells participated in some drills during the first day of training camp, but watched most of the practice with a groin injury. Adelman said the team would filter him into drills based on how the forward is feeling. ... Yao Ming is expected to join his teammates in camp on Friday. "I'm really looking forward to seeing Yao and what he can do," Adelman said. ... Adelman joked that veteran center Dikembe Mutombo had a tough first day getting up and down the floor. "Dikembe got through the day," Adelman said. "That's what he told me. I told him as much of a veteran as he is, he should have signed late if he didn't want to run."

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:29 pm
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haha that is great, can you envision JVG telling Dikembe that if he didn't want to run he should have signed later? These guys are going to have a fun season. Cutters and pick and rolls thats what it's about, motion offense getting easy shots. That's great basketball. Not the grind it out 80-90 pt games. Yuck

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