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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 10:47 am
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Dream did not start out being that fluid and instinctual. Yao just needs to practice the move over and over and over until it is instinct.

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PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2007 10:44 pm
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yao2boki4_3 wrote:
Tang Man wrote:
yao2boki4_3 wrote:
Who's gonna teach Yao how to rebound? That aside from his defense on the P'N'R is probably the weakest part of his game!

I think one of the reasons why Yao isn't as a good rebound as he could be is down to attitude. Yao does a good job of boxing his man out but is then satisfied with letting his teammates get the rebound. That's why the rockets overall are a good rebounding team even without Yao dominating on the boards. However this has got to change especially if the rockets are to win in the play-offs. Yao has got to get it into his head that he must get every rebound himself.

Hakeem has got amazing footwork. It's good to see him teach Yao how to use some counter moves when defenses react to his initial move.

Bullocks, Yao is not a good rebounder period, not because he's spending his efforts boxing out. His reaction time is slow, no jumping ability, horrible at reading rebounds, weak grip and horrible balance. He can basically jump up and down not sideways, I think someone called him a phone booth rebounder, which is a perfect discription. He can improve on some of these aspects, but I don't recall ever reading him working on his rebounding.

Don't agreed with you. If Yao was a terrible rebounder then he would have NEVER gotten over 20 rebounds in a game. There was also a stretch this year where he was grabbing at a clip of about 14 rpg when MacGrady was out with injury including back to back 38/18 and 35/15 performances. Rebounding is often down to desire, how badly do you want to grab the rebound. Positioning and quickness obviously helps but it's all about desire. If a rebound is within his area, he should develop a mentality that he HAS to get it. Too many times I've seen Yao let other teammate grab rebounds that are in HIS area. This lack of desire to get the rebound himself leads to a lazy mental attitude towards rebounding and a dependence on others to do the job for him. That's not an attitude ANY good rebounder can afford to have. Look Mutombo isn't much quicker than Yao at his age. Yet he grab an enormous amount of rebounds when Yao was injured. How? The answer is because Mutombo had a rebounder's mentality ie any rebound within his area is HIS.

Defensive rebounding is one of the keys to any successful basketball team. So unless Yao learns to develop that rebounder's mentality, he will experience painful losses over and over again until that lesson is learnt.

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