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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 12:30 am
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trevianjoe wrote:
Jesus..all the yao haters have raisen from their graves....there is no excuse for Yao to average 27 points and 10 boards this series...he should have scored 50 points and grab 20 boards...he should grab all the rebound when T mac shoots 40% from the field for the series..he should grap all of R altson misses....he shot like 30% this series...he should kung fu his way and dunk the ball and screme like a monkey...he should tell JVG to play V span or S Novak when the bench players are not producing...

give credit where credit is due...but don;t play the blame game...Yao is a great basketball player but basketball is a team game and the rox lack team defense...lack offensive talent..lack a bench...T mac and Yao played well this series but at the end the rox lack the talent the UTAH JAZZ who started 13-0 this season for a reason....

AK-47 is a very good player
Boozer is an all star
M okur is the turkey twist
D williams is a master at the point in just year 2
D fisher playoff experience

the pg position is what killed us this series...R alston can hold D williams' jock...also having Yao guard Boozer is silllly...Boozer exploited that matchup game in and game out, not adjustment from JVG...
Yao can't outquick outleap most players in the NBA...but it is not his fault or because he is shiftless....Yao is still my favorite

I love Yao, but I realize his glaring weaknesses. He certainly wasn't the reason why we lost, but he also was a big reason why we did not win. Yao simply does not dominate inferior oppoents, please don't tell me you think Okur is on Yao's level. Certainly, everyone one the Rox deserves blame but it starts with the stars. Now Rafer had a pretty bad series in terms of shooting, but nobody ever said that Rafer is a good shooter. He is streaky at best, but he did take care of the ball and made mostly solid decisions. JVG though is really wearing me out, and I use to be a huge fan of his. Also, please don't mention stats, the only numbers that matter at this point is 4-3 and it's not in our favor.

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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 12:45 am
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So tell how can yao dominated the game when he is having a tuff shooting series. That shiet happens but he still produce good numbers. Look at shaq look at dirk.
Look at how the officials calls.
Okurs a flopper and he sticks to yao back like a monkey and yao can't realy make to many power moves because he will get called for a foul.
the refs made yao get into a shooting slump. Making him lose confirdent because he could be to strong and aggressive. he want to stay in the game to help the rockets.
Look at the near the end of the 4th when he made that move in the middle and took the shot he was clearly fouled body arm everything their was no calls. That happend the how series that will take any player out of rythym easy.
Yao has to defend boozer that shiet is tiring for yao.
JVG is stupid for doing that.
JVG should have played Vspan and Kirk snyder.
I dont know why he doesnt do that
Vspan and Kird would have rock D williams or atleast ware him out with penatration unlike Rafer Alston.
JVG Has no easy play book.
Yao is a good shooter the best within the team.
He should create at least 7 easy open shots for Yao so yao can get into rythym.
Anyways the reason why the rockets lost is because it was a better coach game period.

And shut you mouth about being yao's fan. you don't know basketball. Unless the ref make the calls fair it will always be hard for yao to be dominate all the time. And next year he will get better as he will be 100% healthy. ofcourse you know yao he has good work ethic he will be back even stronger next year.

I dont mind you talking shiet about yao thats your freedom of speach. please don't respond either because like yao haters you always nick pick on little shiet and forget about the rest. fcuk you and to all of you yao haters get off his nuts already. let him be what he is which is Yao ming the best center in the nba. and will be on of the best center in history.

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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 6:56 am
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this was a good game and a great series. rockets and yao did not deserve to win despite having the advantage. there's not much more to say about that

rockets and yao put themselves in a position to win. they came back from 16 back. yao did his best to take it inside in the 4th quarter, going to the basket, getting a dunk and hitting all those FTs but it was not enough. when he did miss it hurt as every possession was crucial

in the end it came down to 2-3 possessions where rockets NEEDED to make defensive stops. they DID but then they gave up a ton of defensive rebounds and utah got 4-6 chances to make a bucket and basically end the game... too many chances and utah converted one and they won.

this offseason yao and rox have a lot to think about. yao himself needs to realize that this isnt' a cindarella story. great skill does not guarantee anything... ask charles barkley, ewing, david robinson. if he's happy with playing well and giving himself and his team a chance to win then he'll have to accept the consequences of being 50/50 in close series like this. if he really wants to win and not leave it to chance, refs, etc he needs to figure out a way 1)enforce his will 2)demand respect so that refs cant call fouls/TO and take him out of his game

all you assholes should think too, whether you're yao fans and rox fans. if not, do your crying on these boards until it's out of your system then get the ****** out and dont come back

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PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2007 10:00 pm
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pryuen wrote:
The Rockets gave their best efforts........

But not good enough
Yao did not give his best effort.

Yao is at his best when his jumpers are complemented by some power moves. he did not attempt to make power moves against the short defender until 2nd half of game 7. too little too late,he sure could have used his power moves from game 3 to 6.

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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2007 9:14 am
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Dr. No wrote:
pryuen wrote:
The Rockets gave their best efforts........

But not good enough
Yao did not give his best effort.

Yao is at his best when his jumpers are complemented by some power moves. he did not attempt to make power moves against the short defender until 2nd half of game 7. too little too late,he sure could have used his power moves from game 3 to 6.

Same with McGrady...he avoided driving to the hole like it was death. He deserves the label Mr. First Rounder because he goes for the easy shots shooting jumpers when a true champion would have driven to the hole almost everytime, like Utah was doing to us all series long. T-mac is skilled but mentally weak or has no drive. We need a player with Kobe who is just as skilled but mentally strong and has a lot of drive to win.

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