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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 8:35 pm
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A very long interview by Wang Meng of Titan Sports with Yao Ming right after the game with Utah Jazz in the regular season, where Yao Ming spoke about his preparation and prior experiences of playoff.

Quite interesting read. Enjoy.


TITAN: The third playoff series in your career will start soon. So what is your current mood?

Yao Ming: Well, starting from yesterday evening, suddenly I had this very intense feeling. I don

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 9:02 pm
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Thanks for the long translation pryuen, your hard work will be worth it in the end as we will advance into the 2nd round!

Let us all Believe.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 9:57 pm
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Thank you for the translation. Yao sounded very confident. I am getting so excited for the playoffs to start.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 8:38 am
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Another interview from on Yao Ming right after today's team practice on his preparation and feeling of the playoff.

Quote: ... 1368.shtml

Beijing standard time April 21. Report from Houston. The NBA 2007 Playoff curtain will unfold tomorrow. The Houston Rockets carried out its pregame team practice in the Toyota Centre in preparation for the playoff series (against Utah Jazz). Returning to the playoff (after missing it last season), and holding the home court advantage, the whole Rockets team is all pumped up with strength and energy. After the team practice that lasted for 2 hours, Yao Ming recieved the following interview (from sina sports)

The subject matter of the full interview was about Utah Jazz. Yao Ming indicated that: "We must fully exploit our home court advantage. We have to play our game diligently and to the best of our capabilities. The Utah Jazz is very good in rebounding. I must strive to get into the best positioning because rebounding requires best positioning other than just the technical skills aspect. Against Utah Jazz, we have to pay alot of attention and resolve the following: defend their picks and rolls, grab as much rebounds as possible, and reduce their scoring. Everything needs to start from the above 3 aspects."

Some reporters asked: So what has the head coach (Jeff Van Gundy) demanded of you on rebounding?

Yao Ming obviously in good mood, cracked a joke: "The first thing after coming on court is to step and break the opponents' foot, then all the offensive and defensive rebounds will belong to me, and I can grab as many rebounds as I wish." Every reporter laughed at the joke. Yao Ming then said seriously: "The coach wants me to closely follow the ball while it is in the air, then get into the best position, and then grab the rebound. Morevoer (the coach also wants me to) use my head more to think how my opponents will react, and make prompt on-the-fly adjustment (to compete for the rebounds)."

This is the third playoff series in Yao Ming's professional career. He indicated: "I am not as nervous this year when compared to the previous 2 playoffs. I am ready psychologically, and physically, I don't have any problems. This is my third playoff, and we have home court advantage. So my feeling is extremely good. At least, tonight, I can sleep in my own bedroom at home. Moreover, as far as the Utah Jazz's game plan is concerned, we are almost done and very familiar with it in our study." Yao Ming further elaborated: "We also need to play and compete with more intensity, as well as make necessary adjustment to match up with Utah Jazz. The more we study and understand (the strengths and weaknesses of) the Utah Jazz, the better."

Some reporters asked whether there is any difference between the playoff with the regular season, and whether Yao Ming is prepared for the playoff?

Yao Ming again cracked his jokes: "Score more points; make less turnovers; make more steals; grab more rebounds; dish more assists; commit less fouls, and so on and so forth. So is my preparation comprehensive enough?"

The reporters then asked: "Now do you feel more pressure?"

Yao Ming said: "Playoff will not be playoff if there is no pressure. The deeper you advance into the playoff, naturally the higher the pressure piles up. Otherwise, why do you think all NBA players crave to be competing in the playoff?"

The reporters also asked whether Yao Ming is prepared for the notoriously famous 4Q meltdown of the Houston Rockets.

Yao Ming indicated: "4th quarter meltdown has nothing to do with psychological preparation. But in case it has anything to do with psychological preparation, then I surely hope that kind of situation will not occur."

(The reporters then asked:) Now more and more people pay attention to the Houston Rockets. Do you like it?

Yao Ming said: "Of course I like it. I like people having such high anticipation on me and the Rockets, because that pressure will become the power that propel and drive us forward. But anyway, I have full confidence on myself and the team. Well, that is it for now. Come back and ask me questions after Game 1."

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 10:27 pm
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as he says in those articles yao did look very settled and confident this game. even when tmac was struggling

tmac is obviously the guy who this series depends on but i was impressed with yao today. he seemed particularly focused on where his team needed him to step up (particularly on the defensive end with rebounds and pick and rolls). houston got killed on the boards but yao himself did about as well as you can expect him to... especially in the first half, when it looked like he was the only houston player on the boards at all

yao's a very streaky player particularly when tmac is on the court, in that when he's not feeling it, he'll just pass up shots or put the ball on the ground. when JVG pulled tmac in the 2nd quarter, all the pressure was on yao and you must give yao credit for stepping up and keeping the rox in the game.

you hope that with confidence from that, and the rest he got yao steps up even more in the next games

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