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PostPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2007 11:45 pm
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zekezeng wrote:

Injuries in basketball are accidental and can't be avoided by evading contact. If a player is trying to avoid injury for not going 100%, he is more likely to get injured.

I never heard any one gets serious injured in diving for loose ball other than getting floor burns. Drawing charges may result in getting stiches but nothing serious.

The only things Yao can do to avoid injuries are:

(1) getting stronger
(2) getting rest
(3) pray (obviously Yao does'n go to church)

wont happen
cos he plays too much for the NT
annoys me so much he bothers to show up except for the olympics

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 4:01 am
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Chuck__187 wrote:
wont happen
cos he plays too much for the NT
annoys me so much he bothers to show up except for the olympics

He's not a traitor, which you apparently want him to be. He knows the right way, which is to put his country first. Wang Zhizhi learned this lesson the hard way.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 3:31 am
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Part 1 of an exclusive interview of Yao Ming by Wang Meng of Titan Sports before Yao Ming left Atlanta.

Part 2 will be available soon. Stay tune. :P

Quote: ... 17_02.html

TITAN: So how do you feel now back to the days of traveling by planes, living in hotel, coming in and going out of visiting team's changing room, and sitting with your team mates in the same place ?

Yao Ming: Honestly speaking, I do feel abit strange, at least for today. It's been some time now. I have been injured and away from the team for 9 weeks now. Today is my first road trip with my team mates, and (I guess) to feel strange is somewhat normal.

TITAN: So are you too accustomed to those disciplined and methodological life during your injury?

Yao Ming: Yeah life has been quite disciplined and methodological for the past months: get up early every morning; arrive at the training hall around 9:00 or 9:30am; train and exercise for a few hours; go home; eat lunch; watch video; play computer games then go to bed. And the next day, it is the same routine all over again. Now, traveling with the team, everything becomes irregular. But irregularity was once the norm. So once you take a more stabilized and disciplined life, and suddenly it is changed, and you must try to readapt to the irregular life again. But this is good.

TITAN: So do you think you will need long time to readapt to this strange and unfamilar feeling?

Yao Ming: Not really. I have led such irregular life all these years. I don't think I need several days to be able to readapt and be like what it used to be previously.

TITAN: You mentioned earlier you must maintain 6 hours per day for your rehabilitation such that you can return to competitive form and shape as soon as possible. How can you guarantee that 6 hours of rehab now that you're traveling with the team ?

Yao Ming: I just grasp every minute possible for my rehab. Well beside the team practice, I will continue with my rehab when the team is competing. That is 3 hours there already. While I am watching the team compete in the changing room, I am doing my rehab on the bicycling machine.

TITAN: Is there any help just to be with the team as far as your returning to court is concerned ?

Yao Ming: It is mainly about the thought preparation. Just let oneself be psychologically prepared, return to the same environment, become a part of this team again; going through the same matters with everybody else will help to gel and rebuild that tacit understanding and chemistry with the team mates. This is totally different when compared to just lying on your sick bed and watching your team compete from TV. Well, you're watching your team mates compete, but the mood was very relaxed, and some very trivial matters would have diverted your attention. But now that you are part of this collective, and that chord in your head will start to pull taut; so while I am preparing my body for my return, I also need to prepare for my return mentally.

TITAN: So recently you have been taking part in the team practice and some of those walk throughs. So have there been alot of changes in the tactics/set plays during your 2 months' absence?

Yao Ming: Not that much really. I should say some links here and there. While I was away, they made some changes here and there, and those were nice changes so far. I have to grasp these changes as soon as possible; well, I already felt it in the team practice these 2 days; I would run and collide into my team mates. We must try to find the solution to these problems.

TITAN: So right after you return, will the team tactics be returning to as before (i.e. prior to your injury), or as you've said, you need to make adjustment to readapt to it?

Yao Ming: Well, it has to be the Head Coach's call. In any case, we just need synchronization. As a matter fact, before I was injured, the tactics were not the same with me on the court or without me on the court. That kind of tactical difference is so marginal just like when the team is with me or without me. Therefore I really don't think there is anything too significant, and surely there won't be any issue about tactic readaptation.

TITAN: So what are your worries?

Yao Ming: Well, I think it will depend on actual competition situation. Regardless of what type of changes, the important thing is we can put the ball into the basket. The result is all-important. I am fine (with any kind of changes in tactics) as long as this team wins.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:05 am
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Here is Part 2 of the Titan Sports interview of Yao Ming.

I just love that kind of self confidence he has about knowing who he is and what he is , and he does not want to intentionally pick on a lesser/weaker opponents for his return.

Quote: ... 17_03.html

TITAN: So when can you officially resume team practice, I refer to playing contact basketball during team practice?

Yao Ming: I am not too sure. The doctors have yet to nod (to give the greenlight). I must listen to the experts. They said I will have to wait for 10 days to 2 weeks.

TITAN: You should know and understand your body well. According to the current progress of your rehab, what is your gut feel that you can start ?

Yao Ming: If I can have my way, then conservatively, I would say 10 days. I certainly wish the quicker the better. It will be best if I can restart contact basketball in team practice within another week. On such issue, the player is much more anxious than the doctors. Both have different perspectives and standpoints. I just could not stand it any longer, having to sit at home and watch the team plays.

TITAN: So assume you can resume playing contact basketball in team practice, how long will it take for you to return to court to play (in official competition)?

Yao Ming: Well, should also be a week to 10 days. Hey, what is the date today ?

TITAN: Today ? February 23rd.

Yao Ming: Oh Oh Oh.... (lower his head, calculating the dates) well, it is difficult to fix on a date. Just say the beginning of March. The quicker, the better.

TITAN: Well perhaps playing the Boston Celtics away on March 7 (March 8 Beijing standard time) will be a great opportunity to return. Many NBA stars purposedly choose a weaker opponent for their return from injury, such that they can ease their way back into competition. If you do not play well in your first game upon return to court, it might affect your confidence, as well as your team mates' confidence on you.

Yao Ming: Well, that is what other thinks. That is not me. I just carry on my rehabiliation training assiduously, and when I think I am ready, I will return and play. I will not deliberately choose my opponents. Someone brought this up with me earlier too. But I will never think this way. Worst come to worst, even if I play sub-par on the first game (of my return from injury), the sky will not crumple. I remembered I was playing so-so in my first game with Memphis Grizzlies when I returned from my injury last season; I scored 15 points/8 rebounds, and we lost 86 ~ 77. But then what happened ? Everyone then saw my performance. I know who I am and what I am; the others also know who I am and what I am, and it will not be changed just because of one game. So I reaaly don't care which team I am facing upon my return. If San Antonio Spurs ? If Phoenix Sun? Then let it be.

TITAN: So have you included any new drills into your rehab lately ?

Yao Ming: Compared to previous, nothing new. Just focus on my strength and conditioning and shoot-practicing alternatively. Just maintain 6 hours training time daily as far as possible.

TITAN: How is your body feeling?

Yao Ming: To be frank, it is very bad, particularly in the recent strength and conditioning training. Real bad.

TITAN: What is your weight now?

Yao Ming: 305 pounds (approximately 137 kilograms); I have to slim down another 5 pounds; and when comes the time for my return to competition, another 5 pounds. It is important that I maintain my weight around 295 pounds (i.e. 133 kilograms) during the season; that is my optimal weight.

TITAN: What percentage you're back to your normal state ?

Yao Ming: 30 some to 40 some percent. But this is not my first time to rehabilitate from my injuries. I had that experience. Sometimes, what you felt on you body the first day is completely changed the second day. So all I need to do now is focus on my rehabilitation, and my training will take care of every other things else, and my conditions will be returning to me.

TITAN: (pointing to the brace supporter that was wrapped around his knee/leg), So you have to wear this "thing" the rest of this season? How heavy is it?

Yao Ming: Acutally not really heavy; about 1.5 pounds. But it is extremely uncomfortable to play a basketball game wearing this; every time when you make a move, it seemed some thing is blocking and hindering you. It always makes you aware that you're wearing this "thing". I still remembered I had to wear an arm brace supporter on my left arm 2 seasons ago. Even though it was on my left arm, I thought it already affected my shooting. Now this feeling of this knee brace supporter is the same; I just feel uncomfortable as it just does not belong to my body. But there is nothing I can do about this. This thing will have to accompany me for the rest of this season. I have to find ways to get adapted to it: the sooner, the better.

TITAN: Do you think you are too anxious about your rehab and your return? Your coaches/personal trainers all said you have been doing an excellent job already.

Yao Ming: That is what they think only. I only know I can do much better than this.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 10:32 am
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Timetable for Yao's return from injury not looking good

The Houston Rockets had hoped to get center Yao Ming back from injury by mid-March, but coach Jeff Van Gundy doesn't seem so hopeful, according to a published report.

"What we've seen in the brief things he's able to do with us, you get the sense he's a lot further away from playing NBA basketball than maybe the timetables would suggest," Van Gundy told the Houston Chronicle before Sunday's game at Orlando. "He does not look comfortable at all with the brace. He does not look agile. Last year, he looked on the cusp of [returning]. To me, he looks like we have problems to solve there to get him back.

"He has to wear this cumbersome brace. He feels that's a huge issue to his mobility, to his jumping, to his natural running gait. He's worrying about hurting something else because of the change to his natural running gait. There are a lot of issues I think right now. He doesn't look like he did last year when he came back."

Yao also told the paper about how wearing a brace now compares to his previous experience with the device.

"Remember two years ago when I wore the arm brace?" Yao said. "I had a lot of trouble with that and that was on my arm."

Yao broke his right leg during a loss to the Clippers on Dec. 23.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:36 pm
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i say we TP thomas's house. Whose with me?

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2007 12:10 am
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i am afraid the knee brace would affect the move of might adversely affect Yao's performance, esp those turnaround moves......

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2007 12:24 am
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TONS of Yao Ming's photos at the pre-game team practice at Toyota Centre prior to the loss to the lowly Boston Celtics.












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PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2007 12:31 am
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MORE of Yao Ming shooting left and right !!!











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PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2007 1:13 am
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this takes toooo long,
i can't wait to see him back.

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